USS Shepard (NCC-86405)

Led by the freshly-promoted Commander Jimena Zelenko, the USS Shepard is a quick, modern frigate primarily slated for patrol and escort duties centered around Task Force 93's humanitarian missions.


Reliant-class • NCC-86405 • Task Force 93

Like most Reliant-class frigates, the USS Shepard is primarily used for patrolling and escort missions, as well as screening fleet actions should the need arise. Shepard is is the first full-size starship commanded by Jimena Zelenko, and is similarly awash with crewmembers new to their assigned roles.

With a young crew and an exciting mission profile, Shepard is a dynamic ship full of passionate and driven people hoping to make their mark on the galaxy.

USS Shepard Crew Patch, based on the mission patch of Alan Shepard’s Freedom 7


USS Shepard dedication plaque



Crew Manifest

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29 May 2023

Chapter 1

USS Shepard: Mothballed

“Dropping out of warp into the Avalon System in three…” Mack stated, tapping a few times on his helm console before looking up at the viewscreen. “Two… one.” The streaking starfield of FTL travel recessed as the Avalon Fleet Yards zoomed into view. Tallera couldn’t help but let out a [...]

22 February 2023

Chapter 5

USS Shepard: Tales from Virinat

Tallera trudged down the residential hallways of Shepard’s Deck Four, arms full of small shipments she’d received of various Republic knick-knacks from people back home. Once word got out that the ship she was serving on was inside Republic space, the exchange officer had been bombarded with [...]

18 February 2023

Chapter 4

USS Shepard: Tales from Virinat

Reclining on the couch of her ready room, Jimena Zelenko was hard at work organizing her task list for the days ahead upon her personal padd. Repairs were nearly complete, and based on her estimates, it would be 24 hours at most until they would be able to depart. That meant that the crew would [...]

9 February 2023

Chapter 3

USS Shepard: Tales from Virinat

“So, does that cover all the new stuff?” “Yes, I believe so, Lieutenant,” the Romulan medical intern replied to Rysana, placing boxes of Federation-made non-replicable medications in the surgical bay’s cabinet as she spoke. “I’ll log these new drugs and make sure the instruction [...]