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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

SS Vondem Rose: Jailhouse Rock

A distress call from a friend and a road trip to rescue them from a bad situation that can't possibly of their own making...

Mission Description

Boss, if you’re hearing this message, it’s because I’ve failed to stop it sending. You’ve given me a lot of leeway with the Martian Thorn and it’s probably gotten me into a lot of trouble this time. Cargo and destination will be attached, it’s all on the company books as well. Anyway, something’s happened and I haven’t gotten back in time to stop this message. So, uh, Boss, want to come and bail my ass out of the fire? Trid, Telin, Matt and the rest of the crew would kinda appreciate it.

With an automated message hinting at trouble concerning Totally Legitimate Salvage Operations‘ high-speed armed merchantman, the Martian Thorn, Captain Sidda leaves the TLSO concerns in the Archanis and Qualor regions in the hands of her trusted legitimate business associates and makes for the Delta Quadrant to mount a rescue with the Vondem Rose.

A volatile quadrant, a unique situation, scrambling prospectors and in the middle of it a rescue being performed by what can only be described as a collection of colourful individuals with piratical tendencies and questionable moral compasses with enough firepower to start a war if applied just right.

No way at all this can go badly…

About the Mission

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End Date

10 December 2022

Jailhouse Rock - 17

SS Vondem Rose: Jailhouse Rock

Only a little over a week ago it had been Sidda sleeping on the biobed and Revin waiting on her, now the roles were reversed. Bones had said the effects of the Blood Dilithium on Revin, R’tin and T’Ael were reversing, with a speed she didn’t quite understand. Because of that, she wasn’t [...]

9 December 2022

Jailhouse Rock - 16

SS Vondem Rose: Jailhouse Rock

“Commandant,” one of the operators said, breaking the stunned silence of the control. Not ten seconds ago the Commandant and the Major had been yelling at each other, the elder demanding the Major stand down, that the depot would hunker down and wait, the younger demanding a more aggressive and [...]

6 December 2022

Jailhouse Rock - 15

SS Vondem Rose: Jailhouse Rock

“Who are those people?” the dark ruddy-skinned woman whom Jenu Trid was unlucky enough to share a cell with asked. When the call for all prisoners to return to their cells warbled through the depot, most prisoners simply went to the cells, laid on the bunks and waited for whatever drill or [...]

2 December 2022

Jailhouse Rock - 14

SS Vondem Rose: Jailhouse Rock

“Why can’t anything ever go according to plan?” Deidrick shouted as he and four others were hunkered down behind a barricade, pinned in place by a continuous stream of particle weapons fire from a dozen Devore soldiers no more than ten meters away. Soldiers with way better firing [...]