Endeavour: The Long And Hard Road

Their first mission beyond Earth, how will Captain Campbell and his new crew work as they head to defend one of Earth's oldest colonies?

Mission Description

The crew finally comes together on board the Endeavour, however, there is no time to celebrate the official launch of the ship as she is quickly sent into battle. The ship is assigned to help defend Deneva, one of Earth’s colonies, from the Romulans. Formed together, without much thought, the new crew of the Endeavour find themselves onboard a ship that wasn’t quite finished before it was taken into battle. As a result, the ship was heavily damaged and what remains takes longer to repair and finish. Once arriving with the rest of the battle group assigned to protect the colony, the crew are forged together in battle and must work together to survive the incoming onslaught from the Romulans.

Note to reader: This storyline was completed when the RPG was hosted under its original NOVA site.

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