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Part of USS Sitacus: Cold as Ice

Return of the Green People Eater

USS Sitacus
Day 2
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Kachiko yawned before sitting up in her bunk, once again grieving that she was not awakening next to her wife.

She was certainly having trouble adapting to life as a widow, though the petite telepath was certain that had Reiko met Captain Saro Sh’iqaalran and sensed the woman’s lecherous thoughts, she would have gladly pushed Kachiko to explore something with the pretty and mature Andorian lady. Even if just a single night with the woman.

It wasn’t an idea that Kachiko would be averse to. She did find the woman attractive. But at the time, Kachiko had a job to do.

The naked woman slipped out of bed, leaving the rumpled blankets behind as she slipped into the refresher.

While she washed up, she sensed Reiko’s thoughts nearby, the girl entering Kachikos quarters… with someone else.

A second later, the hatch opened into the refresher, Kachiko freezing up inside the hot water shower, before a now naked green woman hopped in and closed the door behind her. A squeal erupted from the short green woman, “CHIKO!” as the green lady threw herself at her half-sibling, arms wrapping around Kachiko.

“Lynnie? You got here fast!” Kachiko was still surprised, but pleased to have more family with her. The shock wearing off, Kachiko returned the embrace, “Love you, ya monster!”

“I got a ride with the Sitak,” Lyn kissed Kachikos cheek.”I was surprised when I saw I was gonna be your second and helm.”

“I requested you. I need people I can trust around me, especially with the work we are going to be doing,” Kachiko explained.

“What work? Hush-Hush stuff?” Lyn asked, before she drew back and spun Kachiko around. “Let me get your back while you tell me?”

Kachiko nodded, “Yeah. Unfortunately it’s more hush-hush stuff. Though Fleet Intelligence did run extensive checks on you and Reiko before confirming you for this assignment. Rita will be joining us after the current op has been completed. We’re picking her up on Mars.”

“Ooh, Rita is pretty awesome. Like she even took care of Reiko while you were on assignment and then disappeared for a year. When Riosa got fried,” Lyn suddenly clapped her hands over her mouth. Sensing her siblings mortification, Kachiko turned back to Lyn with a still-soapy back and hugged her half-sister again, “Don’t worry. I’m still not over Rios death, but I have gotten a lot better at dealing with the emotions. A few months of vacation recovery on Vulcan did a wonderful bit of good.”

“So what’s the plan here?” Lyn inquired as she spun to let her shorter sibling start scrubbing her back.

Kachiko smirked, “I’m pretending to be a personal assistant for a lovely Andorian lady. You would like her, ya monster. She has quite the active imagination and desires. I bet you two would get along amazingly.”

“Anyway,” Kachiko continues. “It’s just to get me inside without arousing suspicion. Someone has been stealing quantum torpedoes and phaser coils from the Depot and it’s up to me to find out who and also how. Not to mention who they are working for.”

“I see why you have Rei-Rei with you, cause that sounds like it could be really dangerous,” to which Kachiko immediately replied. “Yeah, it really makes me wish I could have grabbed Rita before starting this.”

-10 Minutes Later-

In the central dining facility, both siblings were sliding into separate seats at the table as Reiko brought them bowls of steaming noodles from the small kitchenette. Both clad in white terrycloth bath robes, Kachiko smiled at the food while Lyn said, “Wow! This smells great!”

“It’s replicated and then I cooked it the old fashioned way, Auntie Lyn. It’s chicken Yakisoba,” the young doctor reported before heading back to the kitchen and returning with her own bowl and three sets of chopsticks.

“Thank you, Reiko-chan,” Kachiko pat the girl’s hand. “This will certainly make for a great lunch. Though I will need to get back to work as soon as I’m done eating and get Lyn added to the ship’s command log.”

“Yes,” Lyn breathed in between bites. “This is really good!”

“I will need you both to stay with the ship and keep her hot and ready. Just in case,” Kachiko looked between both women.

“Aye-Aye, Captain!” Reiko chirped, before Kachiko immediately interrupted anything else she was going to say. “No! You will NOT sing that accursed song on my ship!”

Reiko laughed, “Aww, why not?”

“Because there are no pineapples under the sea! Nor squirrels with dive suits!” Kachiko grumbled. ”I wish you never watched that when you were staying with Rita when I was gone.”

Lyn looked tremendously amused at the mother-daughter banter over their wonderful meal. Soon it would be over and they would be back to work.

-30 minutes later-

“Sorry, Captain,” Kachiko explained quietly, looking intentionally sheepish. “I really over slept. It probably me lagging from just getting here to a new time zone and everything.”

Saro smiled,”I figured as much, Reiko  I know that you only got here an hour before we met yesterday, so I can’t blame you. Let’s just try not to make it a habit.”

Kachiko nodded before sliding a PADD across the desk, “I was also up really late. I have an accounting of all the torpedoes and phaser coils in storage. I am going to collate the list and then get a count on the tricorders and shipments of dilithium today.”

“You’re getting on this a lot faster than I expected, little one,” Saro looked surprised.

Kachiko explained, “I have an eidetic memory when it comes to numbers and figures, Captain. It’s one reason why Starfleet cleared me for this job. I have done similar things for them back at Command before. Also consulted on a few projects at Utopia Planitia.”

Kachiko did indeed have the memory that she described. Although the jobs mentioned were all for Starfleet Intelligence.

“Well, if I’m dismissed, I should get to work.”

“Very well, dear girl. You can get at it.” Saro gestured towards the hatch.