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USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

The crew of the USS Jaxartes finds them in a web of lies and deceiving orders, they are send deep into the Typhon...but nothing seems as it is.

Mission Description

After a successful last mission, the crew of the USS Jaxartes is ordered by none other than Captain Vance of the USS Liberty of the Second Fleet to help with delicate research in the Typhon Frontier. They are to help restore the atmosphere of a planet that Liberty found. However, the planet is a non-warp civilization, so they must stay distant and delegate. The Jaxartes meets those requirements and is to help with this emergency.

About the Mission

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18 October 2022


USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

The Jaxartes were in the high warp, trying to get as fast as they could toward Deep Space 17. The vibe was quite tense on the bridge. They just witnessed a Starfleet Captain willing to take that extra step to cover up their mistakes or even crimes. “I still don’t have any response. It seems [...]

13 October 2022


USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

The Jaxartes were almost done with the operations in orbit of this planet that got victim by some unknown cause. Thought the crew of the Jaxartes was skeptical that it may have been the USS Liberty that caused the destructive motion to the atmosphere. They just couldn’t pinpoint what it was [...]

10 October 2022

The doubts grows

USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

The repairs were going smoothly. The atmosphere was recovering quickly with a natural boost with the help of the USS Jaxartes systems. Releasing a chemical that would meet the required needs of restoring it. However, a certain tension was growing on the Jaxartes as more scans indicated that there [...]

7 October 2022

Put some tape on it...(part 2)

USS Jaxartes: The Small Do Matter

Leaning against another console, looking at her side at the panel information of the scans done by the bridge crew. Silina had her arms crossed over each other, still annoyed by the whole perspective of this mission. Something felt off, and her gut feeling was never wrong, “What is your opinion [...]