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USS Endeavour: Fire and Ice

An away team taken captive. Endeavour's oldest enemy returned. Lives and loyalty hang in the balance as officers fight to survive, and Dathan Tahla must finally make the ultimate choice.

Mission Description

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire. 

– ‘Fire and Ice,’ Robert Frost
The Wild Hunt pirates were Endeavour’s oldest enemy, the foe whose devastating attack brought aboard so many of the current crew – including Captain Rourke. A select few knew the truth: these so-called pirates were enemies from another reality, dark copies of people they knew trapped in this universe and struggling to return home, with no scruples or principles to hold them back. For over a year, Endeavour’s crew has known their counterparts are out there. But when an away team stumbles upon the imperial warship Endeavour and are taken captive by enemies who look like loved ones, the uncertainty is at an end.
For Dathan Tahla, agent of the Terran Empire undercover on Endeavour, the uncertainty has only reached its nadir. Months ago she turned her back on her handlers, killing a man sent to recover her, and committed herself to this false life under a mask she knew couldn’t last. Now she’s back in the hands of those who sent her, those who expect her obedience, and it would be easy, so easy, to return to her old way of living.
But the cost of that comfort will be the lives of those she’s learnt to care about.

About the Mission

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5 September 2022

Fire and Ice - 12

USS Endeavour: Fire and Ice

Lieutenant Rhade hissed as Sadek ran the dermal regenerator over his shoulder. ‘Doctor, you can let Nurse Li see to me…’ She ignored him as she worked, half her attention on Captain Rourke. ‘…so they’re just gone?’ Rourke had come down to Sickbay as soon as the away team returned, [...]

2 September 2022

Fire and Ice - 11

USS Endeavour: Fire and Ice

Dathan hammered at the console to no avail. She’d been locked out. Her eyes snapped up to the projected face of MacCallister, and she drew a deep breath. ‘You’ve got a crisis in the shuttlebay and a bigger problem in Engineering,’ she said, trying to sound startled. ‘I’m trying to help, [...]

31 August 2022

Fire and Ice - 10

USS Endeavour: Fire and Ice

‘I’ll explain later,’ said Rhade as he ushered the three of them out of the cell. Cortez kept her arm wrapped around Thawn, who was still unsteady on her feet even if colour had returned to her cheeks. But the lighting shifted as they entered the corridor, and her eyes fell on the opposite [...]

29 August 2022

Fire and Ice - 9

USS Endeavour: Fire and Ice

Lieutenant Song was Kharth’s new deputy, and so far he had been a man of few words. After over a year of the ebullience of the late Elias Juarez, she found this stoicism to be both welcome and slightly off-putting. ‘I’ve reviewed the after action reports from Lockstowe and Epsilon-7.’ Song [...]