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Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 47

For official fiction releases from Task Force 47

Mission Description

This mission contains all official releases from Task Force 47 staff members or pertinent fictions from the Lore Office. Here can be found historic briefings, key events in a task force’s history and development, and launching points for task force stories.

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3 February 2024

Interesting Times

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 47

Since its inception as Starfleet’s forward position inside the Thormar Expanse, Deep Space 47 had in its short lifespan transformed from an out-of-the-box starbase, stark and barren, into an emerging little hub of commerce and cultural exchange. It was still mostly anchored around supporting [...]

28 July 2022

Welcome to the Thomar Expanse...

Bravo Fleet Command: Task Force 47

The benefit to having USS Nobel as Task Force 47’s flagship, a now Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik thought to herself, was that the ship’s expansive facilities accommodated the option and capacity for flag offices far more comfortably than any other ship in the current Starfleet [...]