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Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

Exploring a new world brings new dangers that the crew are not expecting!

Mission Description

Sent to scout a possible new location for a new listening outpost in the Alpha Gruis system near Romulan territory, Endeavour finds a Minshara class world that is teething with rich carbon-based flora and fauna. Further study of the planet shows that there are signs of intelligent life present. The crew makes first contact with a humanoid species that look identical to humans in every single way. As a civilisation, they are almost on par at a technological rate as early twentieth century Earth. From their research, the crew discovers that this new race is a matriarchal society. When a landing party is caught, it is down to the women of the ship to rescue their male crewmates and negotiate a deal with the inhabitants of Angel I.  

About the Mission

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19 March 2023

...Of Mice And Men!

Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

Securing the communicator had been relatively easy for the captured members of the Endeavour. Branson could hide under the trolley while Ricci had pushed him into place. Stealing their communicator and ensuring nothing looked out of place was also simple. Now they had their communicator, the [...]

4 March 2023

Lingua franca?

Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

“I mean, it looks good, but damn is some of this get up a pain in the backside,” Shu complained as the three women climbed the small rise up to the road. She was tugging at various parts of her get-up, styled after what had been spotted and a bit of imagination from a few folks in the [...]

22 February 2023

The Best Laid Plans...

Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

Samiwell was helping Doctor Branson apply the thick black eyeliner that Chief Mistress Trista liked them to wear. It was early morning and the personal attendees were getting themselves ready for what lay ahead of them for the day.  “I got to admit, I didn’t think I’d like the eyeliner [...]

31 January 2023

Like a brick through a window

Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

“Gav, if you touch that speaker one more time I will cut you,” came Shu’s voice from inside one of the shuttlepods in the bay. Her words blended between an Australian and North American accent, like someone trying for the latter but reverting to the former. For the three other engineers [...]