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Part of USS Hathaway: Season 2: Ulysses, the Great Wanderer

USS Hathaway: Episode 8: The Breaking Point

On the eve of their journey to Romulan space, news of a Federation officer's death aboard a prisoner transport brings pain for a member of the crew. sh'Elas must choose between her orders or her crewmate.

Mission Description

Two weeks above Trill have seen the crew of the Ulysses acclimatize themselves to their new surroundings, but on the eve of their journey to the Thomar Expanse, the crew receives new orders to report to Task Force 72 of the Fourth Fleet for reassignment. Independent factions are popping up throughout the area of space formerly occupied by the Star Empire, and it’s up to the Task Force to open up diplomatic channels with these new groups.

Personal issues threaten to overwhelm a member of the crew when the command team receive word that a Starfleet officer has been killed aboard a prisoner transport by an escaped convict. A convict who just so happens to be the older brother of Lieutenant Prida. With the ship scheduled to join up with the rest of the Task Force for a special mission behind Romulan lines, Captain sh’Elas defies orders and takes Ulysses on the hunt…

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7 October 2022

CH6: Interesting Developments

USS Hathaway: Episode 8: The Breaking Point

Silence had long engulfed the Ulysses command center as those present went about their business, the ship’s executive officer quite content with the silent approach to work which he had craved for many a year under the command of Captain Ruas. Something akin to an old headmaster, Vasoch hated [...]

29 September 2022

CH5: Twin Suns

USS Hathaway: Episode 8: The Breaking Point

A dull thud echoed around the Ulysses bridge, three members of her crew huddled around the large plinth that had been replicated at the Captain’s behest and placed between the two doors on the forward starboard bulkhead. Atop the plinth, the ornate carving of the ship’s namesake was in the [...]

10 September 2022

CH4: Bust of Ulysses

USS Hathaway: Episode 8: The Breaking Point

‘The prettiest of mirror images, as transient as any moment, shows the eternal beauty of your soul.’ On that particular morning, whilst sitting at the dresser in her quarters and staring into the mirror somewhat blankly, Prida felt anything but pretty, and felt her soul had been cracked in two. [...]

4 August 2022

CH3: A tragic end to a promising beginning

USS Hathaway: Episode 8: The Breaking Point

Without question, the third vessel she had now served upon in as many months was beyond impressive. Forty-two decks housing everything from an arboretum to the Bridge, engineering to a formidable medical department, and everything in between. Designed for deep space exploration, Starfleet had [...]