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Endeavour: What’s Past Is Prologue

Heading home at its top speeds, the crew of the Endeavour use their journey home to reflect on what has been.

Mission Description

With a somewhat successful mission on Risa now behind them and no Romulans insight for the moment, Endeavour is making its way back home to Earth. Though the journey will take several weeks, the crew use the chance to share some stories from their past as well as build relationships further among them. Who knows what awaits them in the next chapter of their lives?

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12 July 2022

A Past Reminder

Endeavour: What's Past Is Prologue

Surprised to see anyone in the mess hall at this time in the early morning hours, Campbell paused as he saw his yeoman sitting on one of the circular tables. Knight had a desktop computer in front of him and tablets on either side of him as he worked hard at whatever he was doing. He hadn’t heard [...]

5 June 2022

Returning to Earth?

Endeavour: What's Past Is Prologue

When the captain gave the order to set a course for a return to Earth, Randall was caught off guard, but instead of asking questions, he laid in a course, and when the captain gave the word, he set the ship on it’s course, bacck to Earth. The Endeavour had just started exploring space, why [...]

1 June 2022

Lost Sleep

Endeavour: What's Past Is Prologue

Friday 17th December, 2128 Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom, Earth “Oliver Harris Campbell, get yourself down here straight away!” The thick Scottish accent from his father bellowed through the house like a thunderstorm roaring across the North Sea. Harris Campbell had just walked into the [...]