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USS Daradax: Mission 1 – Prepping for the (slightly) Unknown

Preparations for exploration and survey of Sector Fero Psi

Mission Description

Tasked with survey Sector Fero Psi the USS Daradax is currently being pulled out of mothballs within the drydocks at Starbase Bravo for crew handover and mission preparations. Sector Fero Psi is in need of exploration as only long-range sensors, probes, and a brief exploration by the USS Centaur have been conducted within the region.

Her new Commander, the half Orion, half Risian Lieutenant Kirin Tarken has just arrived to take command of the ship. She must use this time to familiarize herself with this class of ship and the limited crew who have been assigned to her.


About the Mission

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18 May 2022

Commander's Log – Meeting the crew

USS Daradax: Mission 1 - Prepping for the (slightly) Unknown

— The recording starts but without any video. A message appears on-screen ‘USS Daradax; Video recording unavailable – system offline’ — “Command Log – Stardate 77268.93; April 8th. Lieutenant Kirin Tarken; USS Daradax” “Today was the day – The crew of the USS Daradax has [...]

13 May 2022

Personal Log – Meeting the XO and the Daradax

USS Daradax: Mission 1 - Prepping for the (slightly) Unknown

— The screen flickers to life showing Kirin sitting at the desk in her quarter aboard Starbase Bravo. On the wall behind her, an image of Bravo revolves slowly. She is wearing a white tank top while her uniform jacket is draped over the back of the chair. Her green hair, streaked with re dis [...]

4 May 2022

Personal Log - A Command? Are they NUTS

USS Daradax: Mission 1 - Prepping for the (slightly) Unknown

— The screen flicks on showing a young woman with light green skin and dark green and red hair sitting on a sofa in what appears to be a standard set of quarters. She is wearing a red uniform but with the front open showing a white shirt beneath. She relaxes on the sofa with a swirling red and [...]