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USS Challenger: Return to the Gamma Quadrant

The Challenger is ordered to resume her deployment in the Gamma Quadrant

Mission Description

Following on from her mission to Coltar IV during the Century Storm crises, the U.S.S. Challenger was ordered back to the Gamma Quadrant to resume her deployment.

About the Mission

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27 April 2022

All For One

USS Challenger: Return to the Gamma Quadrant

His duty shift done for the day, Chris was on his way to the Columbia Lounge when he came across the most peculiar sight. Calvin Armstrong dressed not in the uniform of a Starfleet Officer but looking more like something out of the pages of history. He wore a cavalier hat with one side of it folded [...]

5 April 2022

Some Things Trump Hate

USS Challenger: Return to the Gamma Quadrant

Taking a sip from his champagne flute, Tom scanned the reception room from his vantage point by the food table. The crowd was a mix of personnel from the Challenger, members of Coltar’s government and assorted invited guests. After the crew’s work in solving the temporal differential, Tom [...]