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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

Starbase Bravo: Stormbreaker

The Stormbreaker Campaign reaches Starbase Bravo, the only safe harbour before the perilous Paulson Nebula

Mission Description

The Century Storm has struck the Paulson Nebula, right on Starbase Bravo’s front door. This series of unpredictable ion storms has sent the nebula into chaos, making travel difficult and dangerous, and obstructing communication and sensor systems even more than usual. Ships, stations, and colonies within the nebula are in dire straits, many of them in need of evacuation.

Starbase Bravo itself is safe. But it is also the nearest major outpost to the crisis, and thus the staging ground for the Fourth Fleet’s response. Throughout the Stormbreaker Campaign, writers on Starbase Bravo can consider the following plot points:

– A mass of ships, Starfleet and civilian, are gathering at Bravo to venture into the storm on evacuation and rescue missions. They need maintenance and modifications to not fall foul of the storm’s disruptions, supplies loading so they have help to bring, and support for their staff heading into danger. The work on any of these issues will be non-stop; there’s always another ship.

– Bravo is the first stop-off point for many refugees. The second medical module has been activated, doubling the hospital capacity for the station, and the injured will need all the help they can get. Others will need shelter and support as they contend with the loss, perhaps permanent, of their homes, maybe their families, and likely no certainty of where they will next be sent.

– Evacuation missions will be heading into the nebula. Staff of Starbase Bravo may be assigned to runabout teams participating.

– Auxiliary craft of Starbase Bravo may be in particularly high demand. With the nebula already difficult to scan and the Century Storm making it harder, a regular patrol system has been set up to conduct sensor sweeps and relay the data back. This might provide new insights on the storm, or pick up a distress signal.

– For the second time in approximately four months, spacers passing through or by Bravo are experiencing a massive upheaval. Some have volunteered to aid the evacuation forces, while the merchant marine may have been more strong-armed. Others are being turned away from Bravo if their business is non-essential, or redirected through the station’s vicinity as they are refused access to the nebula. No serious trouble is expected, but tensions are running high along nearby space lanes and for visitors aboard.

– Likewise, the permanent population of Starbase Bravo are under a lot of stress. A calamity is on their door, refugees are flooding in, and regular activities are completely disrupted. Some may try to do everything to help. Others may resent the situation and the inconvenience it presents. Firm hands and calm words may be needed to keep the local peace.

Feel free to pick up any of these threads or ideas in your writing during the Century Storm. Contend with the situation of Bravo or team up with other members maybe for your own venture deeper in. This might be a prime opportunity, as some of you near your second rank Tier, to consider where your character’s true specialty may lie – or the specialty of an additional character at Tier II!

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26 March 2022

New Paths

Starbase Bravo: Stormbreaker

‘Can’t pretend I’m not surprised,’ rumbled Geraint Vaughn as he read the PADD on his desk, scratching his stubbly chin. ‘I thought you were more the bobby on the beat type.’ Callahan tried to not squirm under his boss’s gaze, which managed to be a mixture of beady yet disinterested. [...]

25 March 2022

Thunder in the Distance

Starbase Bravo: Stormbreaker

Even if he thought about it very hard, Ensign Elegy Weld couldn’t do the math in his head to explain how a one-in-a-century ion storm in the Paulson Nebula had led to a brawl in a coffee shop on Starbase Bravo’s promenade.  From deep in the fray, Elegy had seen it happening with his own [...]

21 March 2022

Trial by Fire

Starbase Bravo: Stormbreaker

Hannah approached the main doors to the station’s hospital. The systematic pulse of the amber light above the door gave her cause for concern. It could mean only one thing; a mass casualty event had occurred. She took a deep breath to help mentally prepare herself for whatever was on the other [...]

17 March 2022

Rumble on the Promenade, Interlude

Starbase Bravo: Stormbreaker

Elegy picked up the pace, accelerating from a brisk walk to a light jog.  Hedging close to the bulkhead, he navigated the corridors from the hospital to the counseling reception area.  The medikit cross-strapped over his shoulder kept slapping into his thigh with every other step, [...]