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USS Denver: Prologue

Character backstories that do not fit the current mission.

Mission Description

Open mission for character backstory, and events taking place prior to DS9’s  “A Time to Stand” (S6:E1) or the year 2400.

About the Mission

USS Denver
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7 May 2023

That Damned Ion Storm

USS Denver: Prologue

Cadet Rebecca Sandoval returned to the cockpit waddling with her hand on her stomach. She and Cadet Michael Sanders had been on an extended training mission with Nova Squadron. The exercises around the Alpha Centauri system had been challenging, but rewarding. Now complete they were in open space [...]

28 April 2023

The Student Becomes the Master

USS Denver: Prologue

Órlaith sat alone in one of the many bars located in downtown San Francisco. Nursing a margarita she watched the live band play ancient country songs.  She wasn’t familiar with George Jones, George Strait, and Garth Brooks, but who ever those people were she was enjoying the covers of their [...]

12 August 2022

Dime Tour

USS Denver: Prologue

Lieutenant Dougal MacDonald crossed the crowded concourse approaching Mikaela.  He was wearing a kilt and sproran with his Starfleet uniform jacket under a plaid of MacDonald tartan.  He was clean shaven with a blaze of red hair close cropped. “Ye must be the wee lassie the Commander [...]

7 July 2022

The Wonderful Emperor of Talaria

USS Denver: Prologue

Ethan felt a little underdressed in his Starfleet dress uniform.   Beyond that part, he was excruciatingly uncomfortable and absently tugged at the collar. Trinity opted not to wear a uniform opting for a sleek black dress and a pair of matching pumps that made her nearly as tall as his [...]