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USS Rome: Where it started

The new Captian of the USS Rome takes his first steps of command where it all began.

Mission Description

T.J. Rivers takes command of the now renamed USS Rome. The name of the ship where he started his career now he faces dejavu as the ship and crew are assigned to a mission that brings him back to where it all began.

A small world with 2 major factions on the brink of war have agreed to let the federation come mediate the talks. The USS Rome has been assigned to help bring the conflict to an end.

About the Mission

USS Rome
In Progress
Total Stories
Start Date

24 January 2022

A new Home

USS Rome: Where it started

Starbase 72 T.J. walked along the corridors of the starbase heading to a docking hanger on the far side. His head was a buzz after a communication this morning. He was being given command of a ship something he had been working at for a long time. He paused looking out of the starbase there was a [...]