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A new Home

Starbase 72 and USS Rome
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Starbase 72

T.J. walked along the corridors of the starbase heading to a docking hanger on the far side. His head was a buzz after a communication this morning. He was being given command of a ship something he had been working at for a long time. He paused looking out of the starbase there was a New Orleans class frigate docked. His eye’s worked slowly over the older hull pausing on the name USS Rome NCC-57013.

The name brought back a flood of emotions joy, excitement, fear, and pain. He started his career on a ship with the same name. It was the launching pad for him but it was also the home of his worst experiences. He took a deep breath and started walking again.

USS Rome

As he reached the door he saw 2 security officers he nodded as he walked through the door. He slowly made his way through the halls his eyes working over every inch and smiled. he found himself standing in front of the turbo lift took a deep breath before stepping inside he placed a hand on the wall closing his eyes and letting himself feel the cool smooth plating. Soon the lift came to a stop and opened up the bridge.

He stepped out onto the bridge. His eye’s taking it all in, she wasn’t new or free from use but she was his. He let himself take a deep breath. “And we’re back to where it began the USS Rome,” he said out loud. He looked at the command chair his chair before heading to his ready room to find a padd with the crew manifest. He saw a familiar name and smiled before reading on. Most of the major positions were filled except for a chief medical officer, ops, and an executive officer. Those would now be the top priority before they could leave the dry dock and the USS Rome would fly again.