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USS Endeavour: Bloody, but Unbowed

Six weeks after a crippling attack on the USS Endeavour, the crew returns to the Neutral Zone to begin their mission of diplomacy and aid under the shadow of pain, vengeance, and distrust

Mission Description

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

– ‘Invictus,’ William Ernest Henley


Months ago, Lieutenant Kharth and Ensign Beckett rescued Doctor Karl T’Sann from the Romulan Rebirth Movement in the former Neutral Zone. Grateful, T’Sann revealed to Endeavour his mission: to find the Koderex, an archive ship from the original Romulan exodus, presumed lost before ever reaching Romulus with all of its knowledge. T’Sann has long sought the Koderex, convincing Kharth its discovery will transform the fortunes of the splintered Romulan people.

But before his search could begin, the Manticore-class USS Endeavour was sent to the Neutral Zone to support the diplomatic mission of First Secretary Sophia Hale, leading one of the Federation’s first forays to the region to cooperate with Romulan governments and, above all, lend aid to the refugee hubs and colonies in the fraught borderlands. It was the start of a new venture, a shift from months of stress and conflict to a mission of hope and peace.

Until, barely a day out from Starbase Bravo, something hit the ship…

About the Mission

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31 December 2021

Bloody, but Unbowed - 8

USS Endeavour: Bloody, but Unbowed

October 2399 Twenty Minutes Before the Accident The fixation of Federation citizens on dressing up nicely for even casual social events was frustrating. Dathan had spent years perfecting her arts and her subterfuge, because it was the small details that would give her away, the lack of cultural [...]

26 December 2021

Bloody, but Unbowed -7

USS Endeavour: Bloody, but Unbowed

November 2399 Two Weeks After the Accident The docking ring on Starbase Bravo never slept, but it did snooze. The living dead shuffled through the graveyard shift, tending to scheduled arrivals and the few engineering tasks demanding round-the-clock work. With nothing to bond him to the waking [...]

21 December 2021

Bloody, but Unbowed - 6

USS Endeavour: Bloody, but Unbowed

October 2399 One Week After the Accident ‘…and there’s no telling what happens next,’ Rourke grumbled as he tried to pace a hole in the office carpet on Starbase Bravo. Valance pursed her lips as she watched. ‘Hale hasn’t been forthcoming?’ ‘She’s back at the Qualor offices. [...]

16 December 2021

Bloody, but Unbowed - 5

USS Endeavour: Bloody, but Unbowed

October 2399 Six Minutes After the Accident ‘Stay put.’ Tar’lek Arys often sounded like he was trying too hard to be taken seriously, his sternness at odds with his earnest, youthful sincerity. But for once his voice held no waver. Nate Beckett still tried to sit forward. He’d been sat with [...]