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USS Okinawa: Battle of Maka

Okinawa is leading the charge in the fight to claim the Maka system from the Cardassians. Question is, when they succeed, will they be able to hold the system?

Mission Description

USS Okinawa just got back into service after many months of repairs and upgrades in orbit of Starbase 11. The crew had returned from their shoreleave and are now getting back into the routine of things on board. Problem is, the crew are immediately tasked to a seize and control operation, the Maka system. At first the operation was suppose to be easy, with the help of a Nebula Class vessel and its long range capabilities, so while the other vessels in the operation were to assault the Cardassians head on, the Okinawa was tasked to stay behind with the Nebula Class, to provide support. Unfortunately bad news always arrives during time of war, the Nebula vessel is unable to participate in the operation due to engine failure, which forced the Okinawa to change its role in the operation and will now be leading the charge against the Cardassians.

Starfleet Intelligence predicts that the Cardassian forces in the Maka system are minimum, and that the operation should go smoothly. But the one thing that the Cardassians had on their side was their own intelligence agency. So despite being technologically inferior to the Federation, they have been able to prepare themselves for any attack. So will the operation succeed? Or will Okinawa and the operation forces be falling into a trap?

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19 December 2021

Chapter Three

USS Okinawa: Battle of Maka

The man sat down in the chair across from the desk to the Captain of the current vessel he was on. Here he straightened out his civilian jacket some before pulling out the large padd from under his left arm. He then reached into his front left breast pocket, grabbing a small utensil and used it to [...]

15 November 2021

Battle of Maka: Chpt 2

USS Okinawa: Battle of Maka

“Huh. I guess I was wrong.” said JD. Ed turned his head from his station to see JD was reading something from a padd. “Wrong about what?” JD looked up and smirked before shrugging his shoulders as he set the padd down. “Starfleet isn’t getting rid of the Auxiliary Control Rooms. [...]

15 November 2021

Battle of Maka: Chpt I

USS Okinawa: Battle of Maka

In orbit of Starbase 11, a few drydocks were facilitating Starfleet vessels, either resupplying, repairing or receiving new personnel. It was also becoming one of the main locations for Starships to come and receive repairs during the war with the Cardassians. One vessel in particular has just [...]