USS Norway: Spectre

Returning from a routine mission to repair a damaged subspace relay, two inexperienced officers soon find their runabout badly damaged and adrift

Mission Description

On successfully completing a routine repair operation on a damaged subspace relay satellite on the edge of the former Romulan neutral zone,  Matthews and Miller are returning to Devron Fleet yards. En route their runabout is severely damaged by an unknown force and left drifting through space. The two inexperienced officers must race to restore vital systems and signal for help. However, the two soon realise they may not be alone when strange events start to unfold onboard.

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27 May 2022

The End is the Beginning

USS Norway: Spectre

The End Is The Beginning The corridor was littered with the lifeless bodies of the engineering crew. Their remains lay contorted and broken, bloody handprints lined the walls and doors. Desperate to escape their fate, to get away from it by any means necessary. The pulsing sound of the red alert [...]

5 April 2022

Attention to Orders

USS Norway: Spectre

The crew of the USS Norway had assembled in the mess hall, they had been told there would be an announcement at 14:00 hours. They were scheduled for their shakedown cruise the following morning so most of the gathered crewmen assumed they would be hearing from their new commanding officer. One of [...]

4 April 2022


USS Norway: Spectre

Something felt off, Matthews thought to himself. The corridors of Devron Station were normally a hive of activity. People going about their business, returning to their quarters following long shifts, there were even occasions where crew members would exercise in the corridors for lack of a better [...]

8 November 2021

The Investigator

USS Norway: Spectre

Commander Brendt sighed as he tossed another PADD onto the mounting pile of reports that sat on his desk. Though the role of an investigator was that which he had deliberately sought out, he found himself increasingly tied to his desk reading intelligence reports rather than conducting [...]