Devron Fleet Yards: Spectre

Returning from a routine mission to repair a damaged subspace relay, two inexperienced officers soon find their runabout badly damaged and adrift

Mission Description

On successfully completing a routine repair operation on a damaged subspace relay satellite on the edge of the former Romulan neutral zone,  Matthews and Miller are returning to Devron Fleet yards. En route their runabout is severely damaged by an unknown force and left drifting through space. The two inexperienced officers must race to restore vital systems and signal for help. However, the two soon realise they may not be alone when strange events start to unfold onboard.

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24 October 2021

Adrift - 3

Devron Fleet Yards: Spectre

Matthews reached inside the open access panel under the computer core interface and inserted removed a damaged isolinear chip from its row of neighbours. Normally clear in colour this one was so badly charred it was almost opaque. He moved his hand along the exposed chips, selecting the last in the [...]

14 October 2021

Adrift - 2

Devron Fleet Yards: Spectre

As Matthews made his way through the heavily damaged runabout he too was starting to feel the cold. He could see his breath Infront of him, all the while compartment continued to fill with a whispy haze. “I think our priority is gonna be getting environmental control up and running” he [...]

6 October 2021

Adrift - 1

Devron Fleet Yards: Spectre

“What the hell happened!?” Matthews demanded as he stumbled across the runabout from the rear compartment towards the helm. “I don’t know, external sensors didn’t detect anything” Miller replied, her fingers hastily tapping across the controls. The runabout [...]