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USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

The crew of Endeavour hope to start a new chapter - but the shadows of the Omega Crisis follow them with a debriefing seemingly hell-bent on finding someone to blame

Mission Description

A voice said, Look me in the stars
And tell me truly, men of earth,
If all the soul-and-body scars
Were not too much to pay for birth.

– ‘A Question,’ Robert Frost


The Omega Crisis has been resolved, the ancient galactic-spanning network of Tkon technology repaired, its malfunction no longer leaking the dangerous molecule through space. Endeavour has paid a price for this success, their helmsman Lieutenant Drake killed in action, their Chief Science Officer Commander Airex requesting transfer with no explanation to those closest to him. Even those aboard still find themselves at odds. The rift between Lieutenant Kharth and Captain Rourke, born when she refused his order to destroy the Romulan ship Erem, has yet to heal. Lieutenant Rhade, once confined to the brig for that same refusal of orders, has yet to reconcile with Lieutenant Thawn, whose appeals for compromise he ignored.

Endeavour has stopped at Starbase Bravo for debrief and repair, of both the ship and the crew’s nerves. There is a flicker of hope on the horizon, with the diplomat Sophia Hale offering to turn Endeavour into a vessel of peace, joining her mission to help the people of the fraught former Neutral Zone – but first, they must face the consequences of their actions.

About the Mission

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8 November 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 8

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

It was no small relief to feel the hum of Endeavour’s deck beneath her feet again. They’d been underway for ten hours now, departing Bravo that morning for the remnants of the Neutral Zone, and despite the station’s many comforts, space, and changes of scenery, Valance was glad. Endeavour was [...]

31 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 7

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

‘Oh, hey, this must be why you left,’ said Cortez by way of greeting as she sauntered through the doors to the main offices of Admiral Beckett’s staff. ‘The replicators here look like the newest model so they must give you the good coffee.’ Davir Airex looked up like she’d not only [...]

24 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 6

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

‘Don’t tell me you’ve never been here,’ Rourke chided as he slid onto a stool at Downtime’s bar. ‘It’s an institution.’ ‘The base hasn’t been here that long,’ Valance pointed out, gaze unimpressed as she looked about the no-frills bar with its smooth metals and plain [...]

19 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 5

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

Lindgren was still tackling the buckle on her shoe when her console blatted at her, and she had to hop across her room to see the screen. ‘Oh, come on, Rosara,’ she muttered as she read the message. The plan had been for Thawn to stop by her quarters and for them to head to Bravo together, but [...]