USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

The crew of Endeavour hope to start a new chapter - but the shadows of the Omega Crisis follow them with a debriefing seemingly hell-bent on finding someone to blame

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A voice said, Look me in the stars
And tell me truly, men of earth,
If all the soul-and-body scars
Were not too much to pay for birth.

– ‘A Question,’ Robert Frost

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24 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 6

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

‘Don’t tell me you’ve never been here,’ Rourke chided as he slid onto a stool at Downtime’s bar. ‘It’s an institution.’ ‘The base hasn’t been here that long,’ Valance pointed out, gaze unimpressed as she looked about the no-frills bar with its smooth metals and plain [...]

19 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 5

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

Lindgren was still tackling the buckle on her shoe when her console blatted at her, and she had to hop across her room to see the screen. ‘Oh, come on, Rosara,’ she muttered as she read the message. The plan had been for Thawn to stop by her quarters and for them to head to Bravo together, but [...]

15 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 4

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

The arboretum on Starbase Bravo was perhaps its most particular treat for anyone who’d been living on a ship for months. Everything else was still part of the spacer’s life; even the most opulent establishment still didn’t have windows to a real view, or it could be emulated on Endeavour’s [...]

10 October 2021

Soul-and-Body Scars - 3

USS Endeavour: Soul-and-Body Scars

Entering the office that had once belonged to Davir Airex set a tension to Valance’s throat she wished she could banish. He had kept his decorations minimalist, tasteful; the discreet suggestion of class and culture without working too hard to demonstrate his education and interests. All of that [...]