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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

USS Horizon: Episode 1.3 – Restoration


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15 September 2021

Loose Ends

USS Horizon: Episode 1.3 - Restoration

Treylana made her way back to sickbay just as Allan was cleaning up the surgical area. She looked over at the two biobeds at her sleeping crewmate and longtime friend and the young teenage boy who nearly had his whole life taken away from him. She didn’t fully understand the readouts, only what [...]

11 September 2021

Power On!

USS Horizon: Episode 1.3 - Restoration

Matthew materialized in the cave with his toolkit in hand and two large storage containers at his sides. With any luck, he had everything he needed to get the obelisk the captain told him about working again. “Tamura…Mathers, are you there?” he said, calling out for his [...]

8 September 2021

Mortis Limine

USS Horizon: Episode 1.3 - Restoration

“Get me a plasma torch and two doses of anesthizine, twenty milligrams each!” shouted Dr. Brant as he frantically ran to the side of the two bodies that materialized on the floor of sickbay noticing the piece of rock impaled between the two. It was a race against time, but if Allan and his team [...]

6 September 2021

Medical Emergency!

USS Horizon: Episode 1.3 - Restoration

“Paul! What do you make of this?” Sumiko questioned as she pointed toward a vent-like opening in the side of the wreckage. Paul moved closer to what she was pointing at to get a better look before responding, “It bears a striking resemblance to the technology used in our impulse engines, but [...]