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USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

The Challenger travels to Darox III to assess it's request for protectorate status.

Mission Description

Upon their arrival in the Gamma Quadrant, the crew of the Challenger travel to Darox III in the Eden Cluster. Following the Dominion withdrawal, the Daroxi government have requested protectorate status. In addition to assessing that request, Captain Forrester must also contend with a Romulan Commander promising the Daroxi the protection of the Romulan Star Empire.

About the Mission

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1 February 2022

The Truth Will Out

USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

Upon returning to the Challenger Tom headed straight for Bentley’s quarters and searched the chest of drawers. Sure enough he found the data module given to him following Prime Minister Larell’s death. Upon connecting it to a non networked computer terminal, they discovered it contained a [...]

22 January 2022


USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

The Daroxi security agents whisked Matt away without saying much else. Tom’s immediate reaction had been to instruct the Challenger to lock onto the communicator Matt had been issued with and beam him up. The problem with that was two fold; first, they’d placed a transport inhibitor on him to [...]

19 January 2022

Nobody's Perfect

USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

Matthias Bentley was exhausted. Sleep had eluded him following Tom’s visit in the middle of the night. In the hours that followed, his mind raced as it bounced between digesting the news of Gret’s death along with the reason Tom had been such an asshole since the Challenger left Earth. Now he [...]

16 January 2022

"Bad News Invariably Comes In The Middle Of The Night"

USS Challenger: Anything But Paradise

Tom reached out and pressed the door chime. Because of the late hour, he wasn’t expecting the door to be answered quickly so he was surprised when the door opened revealing a shirtless Matt Bentley. The sight took Tom’s breath away and he itched to reach out and run his fingers through Matt’s [...]