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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Galileo: Home Sweet Home

Ordered to patrol the Gradin Belt, the Galileo crew receives word that a pre-warp civilization is under attack from raiders looking for blood dilithium crystals

Mission Description

Ordered to patrol the Gradin Belt, the Galileo crew receives troubling news shortly after their arrival. The planet Kimuramin XII has seen an increase in the formation of blood dilithium crystals. These crystals have severely affected the pre-warp civilization as various pirate factions have claimed the crystals for themselves. The Galileo arrives uncertain of how to asset the planet’s population without violating the Prime Directive. Is the civilization’s fate sealed? Will Captain Naris stop the pirates from forever changing the population’s future?

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19 November 2022

Chapter 5

USS Galileo: Home Sweet Home

Grace made her way through the ship. The benefit of being the ship’s commanding officer’s daughter was that there were no questions. Everyone looked at her, but it was like they couldn’t be bothered.   Grace made her way into the ship’s main lounge; scanning the crowd, [...]

8 November 2022

Chapter 4

USS Galileo: Home Sweet Home

Vasik Mining Operations  To call the Malon Collector ruthless would have been an understatement. Since arriving on the planet, Vasik had become a changed man. What started as a simple salvage operation had morphed into much more. They had only been on the planet for a few years and had already [...]

3 November 2022

Intermission: Survival 101

USS Galileo: Home Sweet Home

“You want me to do what?” Samuel looked at the Commanding Officer with a mix of amusement and horror. In his mind, all the ways this could go wrong were running over and over in his head. They were in the middle of a difficult situation, and Starfleet picked now to send their Captain on a crazy [...]

3 November 2022

Chapter 3

USS Galileo: Home Sweet Home

Parker leaned against the lift’s wall as it sped off to its designation. It had been a long day; preparing the telepathic crew for what was to come wasn’t easy. A small part of her felt it would have been better had all of them been dropped off at the nearest station, but she wasn’t the [...]