Challenger: The Romulan War: The Tholian Stratagam

It's time to hit the Romulans again, this time harder for those who gave their lives so far in the war. The crew of the Challenger are determined.

Mission Description

With the Romulans no now longer able to use their telepresence capturing devices on allied ships, Starfleet decides to take the fight to the Romulans. They instruct Burton to lead an attack against the Romulan shipyard and supply base in the Rator system. On the eve of their first strike though, the human fleet soon discover one other faction who are interested in their fight the Romulans…the Tholian Assembly.

Dedicated to the members of Bravo Fleet past, present and future. Thanks for being a great place to share my writing and enjoyment of the Star Trek universe.



The story is set in the last quarter of the year 2155 (ACE) after Challenger defeats the Romulans at the Bassen Rift (Star Trek: Challenger – The Romulan War: A Shot In The Dark).

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24 October 2021


Challenger: The Romulan War: The Tholian Stratagam

Though the damage to the joint Starfleet-Andorian task force had immobilised them it had not left considerable damage. As a result the fleet was back up and running within twenty-four hours and were back on the road towards Rator.  Lying on his bunk bed, with his right leg elevated and wearing a [...]

10 October 2021


Challenger: The Romulan War: The Tholian Stratagam

Dimmed lighting appeared across the entire ship as Challenger moved across space with its armada surrounding it. Travelling at a respectable speed of warp three point five, the flotilla was planned to reach its target soon, but in the meantime it was decided that they would reduce the amount of [...]

12 August 2021


Challenger: The Romulan War: The Tholian Stratagam

“Dear Mum  So the entire crew is being encouraged to write these letters to their loved ones as we are about to engage in one of the biggest battles since the start of this war. I know this may seem dramatic, especially as we’ve only just seen you but I never got the chance to tell you how [...]

12 August 2021


Challenger: The Romulan War: The Tholian Stratagam

Comfortably sitting in his office, Lloyd Burton was leaning against his desk with his chin resting in his palms while reviewing a number of candidates on who could crew the fleet he was preparing to launch. The door chime went off and he looked up from the screen towards the door. “Come.” He [...]