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USS Centaur: Episode One: Getting our Footing

The Centaur, first appearance in Deep Space Nine, is now back in action and is serving in the Fourth Fleet.

Mission Description

The USS Centaur is assigned to Escort duty for a Federation Convoy that goes between the Providence Fleet Yards to New Romulus, under a mutual trade agreement. The Centaur will encounter trouble along the way but they won’t have too much of an issue handling it. When the Centaur does return to the Providence Fleet Yards with the Convoy, suddenly they are tasked in checking out an unusual energy signature. What could it be? There is also a sudden rise in Omega Particles, so could this energy signature be part of it? Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of the Centaur!


Do stay tuned till the end, as there will be an explanation of how much ‘time’ they spent in this…reality that the Away Team experiences…

About the Mission

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24 September 2021

Chapter Ten - It was all a Test...

USS Centaur: Episode One: Getting our Footing

(Unfortunately I am going to do my best to condense anything I had planned into one final chapter. It’s not that i don’t know what to do, i completely have it all planned out up until the end but after the FA event, I’ve been eager to get started on the very next mission that [...]

8 August 2021

Chapter Nine: The Adventure

USS Centaur: Episode One: Getting our Footing

It was a peaceful day at the village, the villagers all doing their part like any other day, working in the fields, helping out with home improvements, fetching water and food for the animals, sharing an afternoon meal at the large table in the town square. Of course, it wasn’t like this a [...]

30 July 2021

Chapter Eight: The Source

USS Centaur: Episode One: Getting our Footing

The three months had passed, rather quickly for them even though it was quite uneventful. Vakai did suggest to practice with their abilities, skill and techniques, that way when they do arrive at their destination, they wouldn’t be completely unprepared. As soon as Vakai was certain they were [...]

25 July 2021

Chapter Seven: We are where?

USS Centaur: Episode One: Getting our Footing

The one who had been giving orders up to this moment, stood there as he waited for the woman in armor to stand before him. “The Orders from the King are clear, they are to be executed for violating our King’s most sacred law. Behead him!” He ordered the executioner but the woman [...]