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USS Neptune: The Invisible Web

The Tesla Is Unknowingly Caught In A Dangerous Game With Hirogen

Mission Description

The USS Tesla is ordered to scout an area near the Barzan Wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. The mission is said to be a simple survey mission, but what is coming will be a test of the crew as they fight the invisible enemy.


About the Mission

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19 February 2022

No Man Left Behind - Side Mission Part 4

USS Neptune: The Invisible Web

The captive’s head jerked to the left once again as Kotak continued to lay heavy blows upon the prisoner. The vermin spit blood from his mouth and looked as though he was going to speak, so Kotak paused for a moment, giving the pest a chance to betray the whereabouts of his team. “Listen, my [...]

6 February 2022

Facing the Enemy - Side Mission Part 3

USS Neptune: The Invisible Web

Before the messenger had finished delivering the news of approaching Hirogen hunting party, John’s sidearm was in his hand, his unamused eyes glaring down the barrel at the Hirogen village leader. A taunt finger was lightly resting on the trigger of the phaser, waiting eagerly for the order from [...]

2 February 2022

A Shaky Alliance - Side Mission Part 2

USS Neptune: The Invisible Web

Tia watched the Hirogen male steadily approach their position, his steps slow but unfaltering. A voice at her ear broke her focus on the advancing figure. “Crewman Jenkins is our fastest runner. Most likely to make it back to the Tesla on his own.” As she heard John voice this information in a [...]

19 November 2021

Brace For Impact

USS Neptune: The Invisible Web

Sirens continued to blare on the bridge of the Tesla as the ship lay stranded above the now seemingly dormant planet. “What the hell?” Riru seemed to voice what everyone on the bridge was thinking. She began scrolling through an endless list of alarms and readings, attempting to [...]