USS Tesla: The Invisible Web

The Tesla Is Unknowingly Caught In A Dangerous Game With Hirogen

Mission Description

The USS Tesla is ordered to scout an area near the Barzan Wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. The mission is said to be a simple survey mission, but what is coming will be a test of the crew as they fight the invisible enemy.


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10 October 2021

Chaos Happens Suddenly

USS Tesla: The Invisible Web

The low murmuring of voices silenced as Ryder and Savik entered the conference room. The senior staff of the Tesla was already gathered around the large hologram table, waiting to be instructed on their upcoming mission. Savik took her seat at the right-hand side of the captain’s chair and began [...]

18 July 2021

A Simple Mission Perhaps?

USS Tesla: The Invisible Web

Michael had been working to help with the repairs of the Tesla, when he got a priority message from Commodore Marshall-Bennett. It had been a lot of work to get the Tesla back into shape due to the attack of the D’Ghor. He had been catching up on his reports when the message came through he [...]