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USS Arcturus: Andorian En Garde

In preparation for an extended tour in the Delta Quadrant, the Arcturus leads a Starfleet task force in an exercise against the Andorian Imperial Guard.

Mission Description

With the opening of the Barzan Wormhole coming in just a few days, the Arcturus makes port at Guardian Station over Barzan II, where her captain and crew are both surprised by last minute orders from Starfleet: the brand-new flagship will lead the small task group she will take through the wormhole in a war game with the Andorian Imperial Guard, one of the best-equipped and best-trained combat units in the Federation. Under the watching eyes of Vice Admiral Knox and other Starfleet brass, the new crew of the Arcturus must face one last challenge before they begin their mission, all while continuing to learn how to work with one another. A veteran of the Dominion War herself, Fleet Captain Hayden’s reputation as a strategist is on the line and she has no intentions of losing.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

22 July 2021

Chapter Three: The Drill

USS Arcturus: Andorian En Garde

As the largest class of explorers in either current or historical service, Odyssey-class starships like the Arcturus had been designed with absolutely massive bridges, with the extra space not packed with consoles and duty stations, but instead with expansive viewports and open areas to let the [...]

7 April 2021

Chapter Two: First Impressions

USS Arcturus: Andorian En Garde

Alpha shift was still minutes away from starting, but arriving early for work had meant that Luca Sheppard already had his first patient of the day. The ship’s Chief Operations Officer had been beamed in directly from a morning game of football on the holodeck to one of the main [...]

5 February 2021

Chapter One: Speculation Abounds

USS Arcturus: Andorian En Garde

The widest deck of the ship’s saucer section provided the best space for running on the Arcturus that was not a treadmill, holographic or otherwise. Down the center of the wide recreational gallery on the edge of the deck was a space made to mimic the open spaces of most of the crew’s home [...]