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USS Galaxy: M0: Moments in the Woods

Months after the actions of the Lost Fleet, the devastation of Frontier Day and the near destruction of their ship, the former crew of the Amundsen returns to duty

Mission Description

After months off following their stranding on Beol II and the near destruction of their ship during the Lost Fleet incident, the former crew of the USS Amundsen gather at Starbase 72, summoned back to duty by Starfleet.

Emotions and tensions still run high. While the entire crew, except for one, avoided the horror of Frontier Day, nobody was untouched by it. Even now, the senior staff grapples with hundreds of new officers who have been thrust into new positions they are not ready all while trying to adapt to the move from a small Rhode Island class vessel to the massive USS Galaxy and for Ensign Kellen Erith, the horror of his assimilation has barely begun to fade.

In all the very well-organized chaos of preparing the ship for departure, the crew tries to enjoy the few quiet moments they can enjoy for few doubt that more challenges await them shortly.

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18 June 2024

A New Home

USS Galaxy: M0: Moments in the Woods

“Does anyone know why we’re stuck in this tiny room?” Gavarin Brex glanced over his shoulder at Dr. V’Rel. It would have been easy to pick up on her irritation even if he wasn’t Betazoid. She did have a point though; he wasn’t sure what was going on but it was easy to assume it had to [...]

11 June 2024

New Beginnings

USS Galaxy: M0: Moments in the Woods

Clara stood at the window of her office that overlooked the docking bay of Starbase 72, hands folded behind her back. She had just returned from the briefing with Starfleet Command over the growing situation in the former DMZ. She was one of a dwindling number of Starfleet officers who remembered [...]