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USS Luna: Between Periods

The crew of the USS Luna is On Leave

Mission Description

The crew of the USS Luna is on leave.

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USS Luna
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7 June 2024

Dry Dock

USS Luna: Between Periods

—- Starbase 86, Senior Officer’s Lounge —-   There was nothing ornate or overly fancy about the ring. Still with the crew of the USS Luna being relatively young and only having been brought together earlier that year, though many of them had served together on the USS Seattle, there were [...]

6 June 2024

French Holiday

USS Luna: Between Periods

—- Reims, France —-   The was the sound of gravel crunching beneath their feet as they walked down the path from the main road to the house. They had beamed to Paris the night before and enjoyed a dinner before leaving for the South of what was once France. A short shuttle ride had taken [...]

30 April 2024

Station Wide

USS Luna: Between Periods

—- Docking Ring, Starbase 86—   Lieutenant Commander James Young watched the worker bees maneuver around the USS Luna installing a new sensor. There was some surface damage from space debris but nothing that unusual for a period out in space. They’d been refitted recently so this was not [...]

29 April 2024

Cuando Volveras a Mexico

USS Luna: Between Periods

—- Sánchez Wines, Outside Mexico City —-   Andrés Sánchez shielded his eyes as he looked across the vineyards. The vineyards had been in his family for centuries, and they still picked the grapes manually even as automated methods had become more common place. Now it was possible to [...]