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USS Odyssey: No Good Deed

The Odyssey responds to a distress call from a scientist whose criminal connections place the ship in high danger.

Mission Description

The Odyssey crew helps defend an Entharan civilian research outpost from an attack by the Hirogen. They successfully drive away the attackers, assist the injured, and repair the damages caused by the attack. When a relief group of Entharan ships eventually arrives, their leader welcomes the Odyssey’s crew, who wants to repay the debt with their help. The leader offers to improve the Odyssey’s firepower by upgrading its tactical array. However, the kind gesture turns out to be part of a larger scheme, and the crew must fight back against the Delta Quadrant’s criminal underworld to prevent the Odyssey from falling into their hands.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date
End Date

8 June 2024

No Good Deed - 12

USS Odyssey: No Good Deed

It only took her a few seconds, but Banfield knew something was off in those few seconds and instantly looked up from where she was standing beside Duncan. “Carter,” She whispered.  Duncan’s brow furrowed in deep concern as he turned to her. “What’s wrong, Corella?” he [...]

31 May 2024

No Good Deed - 11

USS Odyssey: No Good Deed

McCallister’s mind raced, a torrent of fear and determination. The weight of his crew’s lives bore down on his shoulders. A minor explosion from below jolted the bridge, another hit from Korvain’s fleet. The Odyssey shuddered, and McCallister felt the urgency of time slipping [...]

28 May 2024

No Good Deed - 10

USS Odyssey: No Good Deed

As McCallister strode onto the bridge, he was jolted by the commotion that greeted him. “Status report,” he barked, his voice cutting through the clamour.  Tomaz knelt on the deck, the cool metal pressing against his knees as he worked feverishly to treat the injured person lying flat [...]

24 May 2024

No Good Deed - 9

USS Odyssey: No Good Deed

Banfield had felt the rhythm of the music, the warmth of her husband’s hand in hers, and the carefree joy of dancing on the holodeck fade abruptly as the alarms blared. The song “This Will Be An Everlasting Love,” a cherished melody from their wedding, had abruptly been cut off as red alert [...]