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Part of USS Valkyrie: The New Season 1

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 – Lighting the Fire

The Valkyrie must ensure the treaty is held and adhered to, but as they arrive events suddenly careen out of control.

Mission Description

A system on the edge of Federation space in the galactic south has been in a constant state of war for the better part of two decades. Though not ready to join the Federation, both sides have agreed to allow Starfleet to send in ships filled with relief supplies and equipment to assist the people who need it. The non-aggression pact signed by both sides has led to a cease-fire and has permitted Starfleet to establish a small station on the edge of their system to assist and monitor the peace treaty. On arrival, Deep Space 419 reports that one of the world’s representatives is dead.  Tensions immediately escalate, and the Valkyrie must now try to put out the flames to ask the question. Who lit the fire in the first place, and why?

About the Mission

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Start Date

14 June 2024

Status report

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

Ensign Navaeh Stroyer was good at what she did. Good enough to land her a (very temporary) posting on the Valkyrie, as part of their intel department. A posting that was coming to a close as transfer orders had reached her this very morning.  What remained to be done was an update report for [...]

14 June 2024

Underneath the rubble

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

Eshrevi’s antennae pressed against her skull as the remainder of the building in front of her collapsed, and buried Dawson underneath it. Why had the woman ran into what had been flagged as a not-sure structure? It was in those moments that Eshrevi forgot that not everyone had her training, and [...]

12 June 2024

Bar Talk

USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

What a day, Alcyone Brennan thought after leaving sickbay and making her way to what she had been let known to be a recreational area. With the number of personell-changes made to the Valkyrie before her next mission – including a new Captain – Brennan’s arrival had further inconvenienced [...]

5 June 2024


USS Valkyrie: The Real Episode 1 - Lighting the Fire

With the minister having received a chance to sit down and consider his options, Brennan and Annan found themselves with some time on their hands. Time Alcyone Brennan was eager to make use of, which is why she had asked Annan to take a walk with her. While she had ample experience in the medical [...]