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USS Calistoga: Under the Jolly Roger

Captain Eelkom takes command of the USS Calistoga amidst a shake-up of personnel. New faces and old must acclimate to one another quickly as the Calistoga is tasked with delivering a large shipment of medical supplies to a Federation colony in need. A seemingly routine mission profile takes an unexpected turn and the crew of the Calistoga are quickly tested on their resolve.

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13 June 2024

A Job Well Done - 6

USS Calistoga: Under the Jolly Roger

Captain’s log, supplemental. Calistoga remains in orbit of Zeadar-three. We have been here providing aid to the colonists for four days now. The medical supplies were well received and have been put to good use by Doctor Caade and his team in running several different primary care clinics. Our [...]

10 June 2024

Countermeasures - 5

USS Calistoga: Under the Jolly Roger

“Captain. They’re sending the same text message again. I get the sense that they’re not feeling overly patient,” Callisto informed. “They won’t initiate face-to-face communication. Their vessels are not exactly standard either, making it hard for us to pinpoint exactly who they are. [...]

9 June 2024

False Flag - 4

USS Calistoga: Under the Jolly Roger

Captain’s log, supplemental. We have gone off our chartered course for Zeadar-three in response to a distress call from some sort of merchant vessel. We are a few minutes away from dropping out of warp. We remain at yellow alert and the crew are ready to respond with aid.   “There’s [...]

8 June 2024

Enroute - 3

USS Calistoga: Under the Jolly Roger

Captain’s Log, supplemental. We are enroute to the Zeadarian system, a semi-remote system in the south-east region of the Deneb sector. A colony on Zeadar-three is in desperate need of medical supplies. Many of the remote and less resourced colonies in this sector are still recovering from the [...]