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USS Themis: You Changed The Ending

Two crews. Myriad destinies await!

Mission Description

On a remote Krenim colony, scientists unveil a groundbreaking invention that has the potential to revolutionise Krenim’s science for the 25th century. However, an accident occurs during the project, causing an unpredictable mess for the Krenim scientists. They are forced to call for assistance, and the crews of the USS Themis and USS Constellation arrive to help. The Starfleet crews soon realise that aiding the Krenim is not a simple task. As they work together to assist the colonists, they uncover a shocking truth: Starfleet is responsible for something they never knew about. Captains Taes and Cambil must navigate new challenges as they try to resolve the situation.

This mission is a collaboration between the USS Themis and the USS Constellation.

The complete story can be read in this sequence:

About the Mission

USS Themis
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Start Date
End Date

13 June 2024

You Changed The Ending - 11

USS Themis: You Changed The Ending

Realising the complexity of the matter ahead of her, Doctor Irlina knew that her work was vital. The wrong move or the wrong calculation would not just make things worse; it could potentially plunge them into a deeper temporal tornado of mess and chaos. After working with her saviours (as she had [...]

27 May 2024

You Changed The Ending - 9

USS Themis: You Changed The Ending

Lieutenant Nune offered no reaction to the sensor alarm flashing on his science station.  He sat still.  He held his breath.  He swallowed his excitement at the opportunity to see something exceedingly rare – to see it with his own eyes.  If anything, what caught his attention [...]

19 May 2024

You Changed The Ending - 7

USS Themis: You Changed The Ending

As Doctor Nelli and Ensign Andar burst into the chamber, they were immediately swallowed by the chaos, mirroring the scene that had forced their abrupt arrival—a mix of fear and anticipation coursing through their vines. The acrid stench of burnt circuitry and scorched metal, mingled with the [...]

7 April 2024

You Changed The Ending - 4

USS Themis: You Changed The Ending

The USS Themis was ensnared in a chaotic web of subspace anomalies, each one a potential threat to the ship’s integrity. These anomalies, like a relentless tempest, sent shockwaves through the vessel, causing it to shudder and groan under the strain. The blaring red alert, a piercing [...]