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We Are the Borg Briefing Release

October 18, 2023

‘We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.’

On October 27, the next Fleet Action begins. Less than ten days out, the Intelligence Office is pleased to release the full (nearly!) pre-release lore and mission briefing for the writing campaign that will accompany the event. Through this mission, captains of the Fourth Fleet will respond to the flurry of reports rushing in from across the galaxy, and prepare to face the Borg one more time.

As you have already been notified, and as was done for the Lost Fleet FA, We Are the Borg will include a Mission Briefing system. That has now been fully (nearly!) released. On the wiki, you may find the summary of the mission briefing, and the contents of all three kinds of briefings: Priority Tasks (generic, repeatable missions multiple members can do), Special Assignments (unique missions expected to take only 1-6 posts), and Key Missions (the unique, longer missions). I keep saying ‘nearly’ because Key Missions – as they will contain various twists and turns and secrets of the Borg – have not been fully released. Right now, any member can see the quick briefing summary, the headline pitch, of a Key Mission. Based off that, members should try to decide which Key Mission, if any, they want to take on. When they’ve been assigned the mission, they’ll receive the full briefing – with none of the secrets yet revealed to their readers!

Of course, any member is welcome to develop and write their own storyline based off the main mission prompt.

All writers for We Are the Borg, using the briefing system or otherwise, must read this guidance provided by the Intel Office on how to depict the Borg and the various other relevant plot elements.

You can find the mission briefings here:

In approximately 48 hours – the night of Friday 20th, BST – a form will go live (shared on Discord) where members may apply for the Special Assignment or Key Mission they want to undertake. They are welcome to fill out a form for a Priority Task, to help the Intel Office keep track of who’s writing what, too, but it’s not required! Missions will be given out on a ‘first come, first served,’ and members will be messaged to confirm they have been assigned the requested mission – and given a link to the full briefing if they’ve taken a Key Mission.

Please also note that writing for WATB is part of the Fleet Action competition. Service Ribbons you earn can contribute to your Task Force’s overall victory! It’s also intended to be a 6-week event where people get stuck in together, writing to try to tell a story together over the period. That means that members may plan, scheme, plot, and brainstorm as much of the writing as they want – but you must not begin to write stories that you will post on BFMS for WATB before the FA goes live next Friday. It’s against the spirit of the event, and it’s against the rules of the event.

After all, the point is to enjoy the wildness of the upcoming six weeks together!

Let’s find out soon if resistance is futile…