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Fleet Action Writing

October 14, 2023

At the end of this month, the next Fleet Action begins. As per usual, this will include a writing campaign, with members encouraged to tell a story encompassing the six weeks of the event. As per usual, the Intel Office will release a mission briefing that sets the scene, laying out the scenario and offering specific guidance for writers who wish to participate.

The FA will also follow on from The Lost Fleet by continuing the ‘Mission Briefing’ system. Just as the main briefing is released, so too will a variety of exclusive, Intelligence Office-designed missions be made available for members to choose from. As with TLF, they will depict unique settings and circumstances that members can flesh out and write to their conclusion. There are some key differences from the TLF mission briefings, however:

  • Many of these briefings give more detailed plot beats. This is because where TLF focused on warfare, where giving a mission to liberate a world was a sufficient launching point for a story, WATB is about adventure and mystery. Mission Briefings often give more detail on what is actually going on, but almost always give members freedom on how to write the mystery.
  • Mission briefings will not be linked to wiki articles. This Fleet Action is not as geographically bound as TLF; members will be encouraged to create articles for locations themselves!
  • There are no Critical Operations this FA. The campaign is more about putting together pieces of a puzzle instead of a few key incidents turning the tide. Clues for the resolution are littered across different missions.
  • Complete mission briefings will not always be publicly available. Key Missions will be released on the wiki with a one-paragraph summary of the mission and some key information. This should make sure people know what they’re signing up for while not revealing major twists or revelations so writers can enjoy surprising their audience.

A full explanation of the We Are the Borg Mission Briefing system is here, and should explain the system for veterans and newcomers alike. This post just confirms: yep, they’re coming back.

The We Are the Borg full briefing, and all Key Missions, Special Assignments, and Priority Tasks, as well as the link to the form to select your mission, will be released in the evening (BST) of Friday 20th October.