Update to the OCS Policy

October 16, 2021

The office of the Chief of Staff for the fourth fleet was a large semi-circle room that showed an impressive view of Mellstoxx III below Starbase Bravo. Sat to one side in one of the many armchairs, Rear Admiral Bennet was trying to read current requests coming in from various task force leaders when his door chime went off. 

“Enter.” He spoke up, eyes still fixed on the device in his hands. It was getting pretty late and he knew he needed to call it a night but he wanted to complete this report before he fell asleep. 

The dark maroon door with its transparent aluminum patterned window in it parted briefly, allowing for his senior assistant, Lieutenant Commander Marjaret Careign, to enter. The tall Bajoran woman, who had fierce auburn coloured hair, approached him. Grasping her hands together, she appeared to be ready to share something that Bennet was not too keen to hear. “Admiral, there’s someone here to see you.”

Looking up from his reading and towards the holographic time display on his desk monitor, he squinted his eyes to see that it was getting late and couldn’t quite remember who was planning to see him at this time. “Who?”

“Zachary!” came a classy and almost regal voice behind Marjaret and one that instantly made Bennet want to crawl into the nearest black hole. 

Mumbling under his breath, the admiral added several sighs with only Marjaret able to see and hear his response. “Oh for pete’s sake.” 

Following in his aide’s wake was Ambassador Reittan Zaber, one of the many diplomats from the Betazoid government appointed as a liaison to the Starfleet presence on Mellstoxx III, which also included Starbase Bravo. The man acted with all of the pompous and majestic expectations that came from someone who was a member of one of the senior houses within the Betazoid society. He rarely called someone by their title, unless he believed they were in a higher position than him. Since becoming Chief of Staff, Bennet had dealt with him on more than one occasion and took some great advice from Admiral Wolfe to never be left in a room with him as he could talk forever. The man could probably bore the Borg Collective to death. 

Crossing the room, he made his way over to Bennet wearing a formal suit, like most diplomats and politicians did. “Zachary, it’s good to see you again, old friend.” He extended his hand out to shake the admiral’s.

Marjaret gave Bennet a look to indicate she was questioning how the ambassador was referring to him as an old friend before she quickly departed from the office. 

“Mister Ambassador, this is an unexpected visit.” Bennet remarked after shaking the man’s hand. 

“It’s as if the four deities themselves insist we’re not long apart.” Zaber said, still smiling. 

Bennet was surprised that the Betazed man had never reacted to the thoughts or feelings he had, but then the admiral had heard a rumour that the ambassador’s mental skill wasn’t as strong as it had been in his early years. “It would seem that way, sir.”

“Your senior aide, Marjaret is looking positively voluptuous.” Zaber stated without blinking an eye. 

Slightly creeped out by that comment, Bennet let go of the ambassador’s hand. “Umm…thank you. I’ll tell her.”

As the door to his office had not closed on her way out, Margaret had heard the comment. “Thank you!” She called out from her desk, which was just outside of the door. 

“You’re welcome!” Zaber added before looking back at the admiral. “Now, I’m here to take you out for dinner and drinks.”

“Dinner and drinks?” Bennet repeated. “I’m sorry sir-”  

Interrupting the admiral before he had a chance to reply, Zaber spoke over the top of him. “Now, I won’t take no as an answer unless you want to create a diplomatic incident. I know Esterra Vandorin very well and she owes me a favour, so I thought why not call that favour in and treat my newest friend to a slap-up meal and great evening of entertainment at her exquisite bistro.”

“Oh right.” Bennet said, not knowing what to do. 

“I insist that Marjaret joins us as well.” Zaber said, still in his jolly tone. 

“Yes!” came the reply from Marjaret while at the same time Bennet replied with a stern “No!”

“Oh come on Zachary, that’s nonsense. You must take a fine woman out like that for dinner once in a while.” Zaber said as he took the PADD that Bennet had in his other hand, threw across the room and it landed perfectly on the glass desk. “Now, off we go for an evening of frolics!”

The ambassador then tugged on the arm of Bennet, who was dragged out of his office with a surprised expression just as much as Marjaret when the ambassador grabbed her by the hand towards the exit. 

Bennet had planned to try out the famous bistro, but had never imagined his first visit would be one where he could end up insulting the Betazoid government. 

OCS Policy Update

Another friendly update from the Office of the Chief of Staff, this time covering the OCS Policy. We want to bring it to everyone’s attention that following additions/revisions have been made:

  • Transfers: We have separated this section to define transfers between task forces and have added the new AWOL function. The latter is the process of what happens when a member of Bravo Fleet has been inactive for over 60 days and what happens when they get moved from their task force into our reserve area.
  • Competitions: Only one addition made here and that is the need for competition organisers to ensure their description of the competitions are enticing for our players to want to enter and are linked to any themed event they are a part of. The OCS has also created a guide for competition organisers, which includes good examples of descriptions and criteria.
  • Mentorship Program: We have expanded the program to ensure those who become mentors are strong candidates and have the time to dedicate to our members. We have also laid out how someone can be nominated to become a mentor. Alongside this we have also created a guide/list of tips for mentors to assist them with the program.

If you are interested in running your own competition, becoming a mentor (please be above the rank of Lieutenant Commander) or having a mentor (please be below the rank of lieutenant) then please do not hesitate to reach out to OCS staff.

Thank you Bravo Fleet!