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The Lost Fleet Phase 3!

June 4, 2023

As of now, the second phase of the Lost Fleet has ended, and the third and final phase has begun! As our fleet admiral had business to accomplish in Hell today, the pleasure of announcing the start of the new phase falls to me. We’ve had many new members join during the first two phases of the event, so if you’re new, welcome! You can still join in on the fun, winning acclaim for yourself and your task force. At the end of this phase, we will release the final totals for task forces and for individual members—the competition between individuals and units is quite fierce, so it is truly anyone’s game at this point.

For Phase 3, you have two weeks (June 4th to June 18th) to participate in the following competitions:

In addition to the above, there are also (as before) four ribbon races, that you will enter automatically if you earn ribbons that meet the criteria in each competition. There is no need to submit an entry directly to these competitions:

All of these competitions will close along with the event-wide competitions at 0000 GMT on June 18th, so get your entries in while you can! As a reminder, please read the entire competition prompt and all of the criteria before submitting. The rules of each competition will be enforced to ensure that things are fair across the board, so we would hate for you to miss out on placing over a technicality! Also, please review the latest announcement from the JAG Corps, as their functions relate to Fleet Actions.

Remember: Victory is Life!