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The Columbia Launches!

August 11, 2023

Hello Bravo Fleet (again!)

Something else exciting from your friendly Operations team! We are happy to announce the launch of another writing sandbox: the USS Columbia!

The Columbia writing sandbox is another opportunity for members (ranked midshipman and above) to collaborate on writing. Unlike Starbase Bravo and Avalon Fleet Yards, the twist here is that anyone who joins is an Ensign! An Ensign? How does that work? This sandbox has the vibe of being Bravo Fleet’s own 25th-century Lower Decks with a hint of The Next Generation mixed into it. 

You can find out more by reading this guide, reading the Columbia’s wiki article and meeting the Columbia’s command staff. Then if this interests you, apply today with a full character biography and a story sample of 250 words!

New Staff Assistant

Getting our latest project off the ground has been a lot of work, so the Operations Office is happy to announce another person joining us today as a Staff Assistant, Commander Cynndle Oin’sun. Cynndle has shown great involvement and activity in many of our RPGs, so we are happy to have him join us in assisting with managing this exciting project.

Columbia’s first mission will debut this weekend. In the meantime, join us on the new Columbia Discord channels.