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Task Force 93 Week: Romulan Diaspora

January 3, 2021

It’s a brand new year with new competitions! Task Force 93 has always been centered around the Romulans which isn’t the case anymore as we have branched out more to humanitarian aid throughout the galaxy. Though we will still be seeing the Romulans around as we deal with the Romulan Diaspora in this week’s competitions. There is a wide range of competitions for you to participate in that will be available to everyone in the fleet from January 3rd through 11:59 pm on January 9th.

Short Story

Task Force 93 is tasked with providing humanitarian support and protection to struggling regions of the galaxy. You’re the Captain of the USS Ares an Intrepid-class Starship, you receive orders from Devron Fleet Yards to respond to a distress call from a planet within the old Neutral Zone requesting aid.


What do we really know about the Romulans? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live the life of a Romulan? For this competition, you will create a Romulan character. This character can be from any one of the three factions, is the character a civilian? a scientist? Politician?

Flash Fiction

This flash fiction or vignettes is a very short narrative that captures a moment or image. This will include a picture that you will write 300 words or less that is inspired by the image.


The Romulan and Federation have had a very interesting and challenging relationship throughout the years and not always good. Test your knowledge of Romulan / Federation encounters that have happened throughout history.

Word Search

Throughout time there have been many great Starfleet Doctors from McCoy from the USS Enterprise all the way through The Doctor on Voyager. How well do you know your Doctors? Can you find them all? Complete the word search and find out if you can find them all.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Ever since the Romulan Supernova that destroyed Romulus and Remus, the Romulan people have continued to fight to overcome the blow of the major event that happened some twelve years ago. Can you figure out what the hidden image is?

STO Special TF Blitz: Azure Nebula Rescue

Diplomacy sometimes also has a rescue element to it. In this instance, the Romulans have made a request of their allies to assist them in rescuing captured ships.