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Task Force 93 – Monthly Report November 2019

December 8, 2019

Admiral’s Office; Deep Space Six

1126 HRS

Kara sat with her hands tightly wrapped around her coffee mug, nursing the warm, strong nectar as she read report after report. Each one from Starfleet Intelligence or vessels within the Task Force under her command and surrounding areas. The reading wasn’t good nor easy. There had been a large number of disturbing reports, in and around the Klingon border worlds in close proximity to Federation Space of rebellion and uprising against not only the Empire but their alliance with the Federation.

Kara herself had spoken with the Klingon Ambassador to Qualor III who had down played the limited details she had read of this activity. ‘Nothing but rebels who will be squashed by the Imperial Fleet’ was his usual grumbling response along with his calls for honour to be restored within those border worlds.

Picking up another padd with the latest sensor sweep conducted by the Excelsior and Armstrong, Kara couldnt get the throw away statements from the Ambassador out of her head, reading the same line over and over again that was allegedly transmitted to ships in the Imperial Fleet ‘Kahless’s honor will not be satisfied until we take up arms and return to our roots’

Kara’s mind was jolted back into reality as the comm system came alive in her office “Operations to Admiral Thrace, you had better get up here” came the voice of the Starbases Commanding Officer, Captain Roman Valdez. Groaning at being disturbed from her thought process Kara snapped “Is it important Captain?”

There was a short pause before Roman replied, Kara couldnt tell if this was unease at being challenged on the urgency or his concern of sharing whatever it was he needed to “We have recieved a distress call from Ailea IV, the have experienced an natural disater of unprecedented scale, mutliple earth quakes across the entire planet have created numerous tidal tsunami’s which represent a serious threat to life…..” Clearing his throat, Roman continued “They have requested immediate evacuation of the most heavily populated areas and urgent disaster relief”

Kara leaped up out of her chair, knocking her coffee cup over in the process and rushed towards the door “mobilise all available ships in the area and patch me through to the Devonshire and Shanghai, Im on my way”


News from Task Force 93!


  • SS Warden: Currently operating undercover for the Task Force command staff investigating the background of the Sovereignty of Kahless
  • USS Ajax: With the crew complement still sadly understaffed, Lieutenant Tigan has adjusted the duty roster to have two members of the crew on duty at any given time. Starfleet Intelligence has ordered the Ajax to break off its routine patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone and proceed at best sustainable speed to Cestus III to extract the Intelligence asset they had inserted months previously. The asset’s resistance cell has been compromised and is on the run. That’s all the information the Ajax crew is given, so they’re not sure what they’re going to find, but they are expecting the extraction to be from a hot LZ and under heavy fire. To save time, Tigan orders the Ajax to cut through the Triangle region despite the risk of becoming engaged by pirates or smugglers who may consider the Wallace class ship to be easy prey.
  • USS Armstrong: The USS Armstrong and her crew have arrived at Niveq II for repairs and resupply after encountering an unknown gravitational ettie in the Raeyan Transit Corridor. Upon further investigation, it appears that the ettie was in fact a cloaked mine with signatures of a Klingon origin. Task Force 93 through Raeyan Sector Command has assigned the Armstrong to investigate further the anomalies and uncover the truth behind these mines and what that means for the sector, and the Federation’s relationship with the Klingon empire.
  • USS Asger: The USS Asger is wrapping up it’s second shore leave mission and preparing to embark on part two of it’s search for a rogue group of pirates that left a colony in tatters. The crew, finding some semblance of recovery after the heart wrenching events at Everbright Colony, are finally ready to get back in the black and do what they do best.
  • USS Atlantis: Following a brief stay at Starbase 611, where we took on Commodore Juliet St. Clair, Task Force Executive Officer for TF93 as a passenger en route to Deep Space Six, near the Raeyan Transit Corridor and our new area of operation, and where Commander Yulin Rael received a promotion to Captain. Meanwhile, Commander Greystone and Lieutenant Ne’Tel are investigating allegations that the Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer assaulted the Nurse. A bar fight broke out between the suspect and the accuser’s boyfriend. Both have spent a few days in the brig for conduct unbecoming. The boyfriend, Leland Hawksley, has been released. Commander Greystone has gone on a temporary leave of absence, in search of something that will help with the investigation. 
  • USS Devonshire: The crew of the Trafalgar is diligently rescuing Federation scientists from a governmental collapse in the Sebrisan Empire. 
  • USS Shanghai: At the beginning of the mission, the Shanghai had just finished repairs and was surveying the Golovin system, in a continued effort to create a stable colonial system and to test her own repaired systems. Still outside of their time, and far from Raeyan, the colony was effectively disconnected. However, their original staging point to Golovin, New Anchorage colony, was in danger. A distress signal and request for aid from the USS Warspite led the Shanghai to the area. Though, the Warspite should not have known the Shanghai was out there. Preparing for battle with a small cadre of Klingon raiders, the Shanghai prepped its slipstream. With the liberal use of the Picard maneuver and the weakening up the Warspite had done to the enemy, Shanghai was able to turn the tides. After a moment of hesitation due to the temporal prime directive, they opted to actively assist the Warspite. Though it was a pitched battle, the Shanghai came out victorious after disabling their main battleship.
  • USS Sirona: Currently over coming and working through thier recent ordeal in an alternate universe, the crew of the Sirona are picking up the pieces of a return to normal life



Bravo Fleet and Task Force 93!

Latest update and announcement from the BFCO -> please make sure you have had a read

Well done to all the award winners for the quarter ->  Well done to USS Shanghai and SS Warden on their awards

In Conclusion

The last 6-7 weeks have seen improved activity within the Task Force and increased involvement in the Task Force canon, currently working towards a joined up approach to our storyline focusing on the Sovereignty of Kahless and their invasion into Federation territory within the Rayean Transit Corridor. I’m looking forward to see how our first dable into a Task Force wide mission will continue to grow and bring everyone together as a community.

Until next time
Vice Admiral Kara Thrace,

Task Force 93