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Office of the Chief of Staff – November 2019 Report #2 and Quarterly Awards

November 21, 2019


Good day and night, one and all. Thanks for dropping into my second non-monthly award related post. In this addition, I will first be announcing 3rd Quarter Award winners (though note: I will be updating the Hall of Honour to reflect these awards tomorrow). Then, I am excited to announce that Bravo Fleet will be running a fleet-wide writing competition! But more to follow in this post.

Quarterly Award Winners

After a rigorous selection process conducted by the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, I am proud to present your 3rd Quarter Player, Simulation and Posts selected for recognition!

Bravo Fleet Writing Competition

Since the introduction of competitions to Bravo Fleet, we have run a super fun graphics competition. But that’s it. That’s why it gives me great pleasure today to announce that Bravo Fleet will be running a Bravo Fleet’s first fiction competition! This is a writing competition where you, the player, may submit a piece of original writing in response to one of the following prompts:

1) The crew of your starship are investigating a spatial anomaly beyond Federation borders. The closest friendly starship is nearly three standard days away at maximum warp. Suddenly, the emergency klaxons are blazing and the ship goes to red alert. Write a story which details your crews reaction, identifies the spatial anomaly, and how they address the problem.

2) The year is 2374. The Dominion War rages across the Alpha Quadrant. 24 standard hours ago, the Federation suffered a disastrous defeat when Betazed fell to the enemy. Craft a story within this context, and feel free to be creative.


  • Your task, in a minimum of 350 words and maximum of 3000 words, is to write a story addressing these prompts.
  • You must be the sole author of your fiction submission.
  • You must specify which prompt your post is based on.
  • All members of Bravo Fleet may and are encouraged to participate. This competition will be judged by the Chief of Staff only.
  • You may write as an original character, and you may use other Bravo Fleet non player characters, or player characters with express permission.
  • You may not write from the perspective of canon characters, though passing reference is allowed.
  • Your story must be submitted to in .docx or .doc format.
  • You have from November 20 to December 15 to submit.
  • Any questions you may have about this competition can be directed to me! I would be happy to answer your questions.


So if it’s a competition, what’s the reward? Well, you have the chance to earn a 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place recognition in the Hall of Honour (see the following list):

Furthermore, the top three posts will be featured in an accessible Google document during my December/end of the year report to show off your amazing work!

So please, I really encourage you to participate. Show off those writing chops! We are a fan fiction Star Trek club after all.


Big things are coming in the new year. But until then, congratulations to the deserving 3rd Quarter winners, and good luck on this fiction competition!