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Task Force 93 Competitions

April 4, 2022

Hello everyone, Task Force 93 Executive here. I do apologize for the delay in the announcement, granted my first one ever so I suppose the hiccup was expected but nevertheless, it is here and boy what a run. The Stormbreaker Campaign went really well, never have I been so excited to read so many wonderful stories during the ‘Century Storm’ that we had going on.

So without further adieu, here are the competitions for you all to rack your brain on!


Task Force 93

Now the one thing that I am excited to do and that is to just give a few shout outs for those in TF93!

  • Tallera – Making Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and also being the first in Task Force 93 to be flying a Raven Class, the USS Achana. Very nicely done and absolutely looking forward to more in the future!
  • Bri.Whyte – Being awarded the Meritorious Service Cross! Absolutely amazing and what more is that you and I switched places! Just astounding and glad you’re still here in 93 and in Bravo Fleet. Congratulations Bri! Well deserved!
  • Azras Dex – Being awarded the Star for Distinguished Service! I personally don’t know what to say other than congratulations! Just absolutely incredible and very nicely done. To me, you will always be my mentor and will always look up to you!