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Task Force 47 Report #6

January 28, 2023

Man oh man, it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these reports! And so much has happened! Promotions, awards and an absolute mountain of writing from the folks in Task Force 47! New faces have joined us as well I can’t wait to see their writing as they get stuck in with Bravo Fleet. We’ve had a campaign, the magnificent Blood Dilithium campaign from our good friends over in TF17, and launched our own Priority Mission as well, which we’ll cover in a moment.

Task Force Updates

We’ve been pretty lucky in TF47 the last few months, with a handful of promotions resulting in shifting commands, but luckily the same faces around! And a few new faces who I can’t wait to see get into things and start writing with their RPGs of choice and primary commands shortly either! We’re a month into our Priority Mission and starting to see some really interesting stories developing, giving character to the Thomar Expanse as a region.

I’m excited for the future of TF47 and I can’t wait to see what our members get up to!

Fiction Updates

During the Blood Dilithium campaign, the commands of Task Force 47 were very, very active folks! Trying to summarise their stories is a herculean task, but we’ve given it a try. If you haven’t already I highly, highly recommend giving some of these a proper read-over!

  • USS Mackenzie – Answering a family plea, Captain Ambrose Harris takes the Mackenzie into the volatile Delta Quadrant to track down and bring home some wayward Harris clan members. Along the way the crew picks up a disgraced Voth bureaucrat and grants him asylum, going so far as to fake his death in order to convince Voth authorities enough to let the matter drop.
  • USS Osiris – The Osiris heads out to patrol the Garden Belt, with special orders to locate and report subspace rifts with the potential to produce a Blood Dilithium field. But a simple search and locate mission becomes something else when Blood Dilithium blooms and the situation becomes far more sinister…
  • USS Sojourner – Following up on fleeing miners, Sojourner and crew encounter a seemingly abandoned Devore mining facility holding a dark secret. Shortly after that, the crew find themselves in a desperate fight for their lives in a chaotic star system against an enemy who grows with every attack they make.
  • USS Resolute – The crew of the Resolute engage in a bit of investigation into the Blood Dilithium phenomena, including fighting a giant mechanical spider-ship before they have an eventful run-in with the Devore, which it turns out the crew were well prepared and planning for. They however weren’t fully prepared for some revelations about their crew mates.
  • SS Vondem Rose – Leaving their business ventures in the Alpha Quadrant in safe hands, the Vondem Rose and her crew head off on a rescue mission. A new quadrant and a deadly enemy challenge the Rose crew in ways they don’t expect, and they must prove just how far they will go for family…

But with the end of the campaign, the task force has returned to its home in the Thomar Expanse and has been tasked with following up on explorations old and new. Second Contact isn’t as glamorous as First Contact, but it’s what makes friends in the long term.

  • USS Mackenzie – The Mackenzie has returned to the Thomar expanse, and waded right into a new mystery. A silenced world and rumours of ghost ships are just the beginning. When the mystery evolves to reveal a possible ancient alliance, can the Mackenzie crew get to the bottom of things?
  • USS Dragon – Lieutenant Commander Aryanna Rigras clears a medical review board, declaring her fit for duty and assignment, of which there is only one currently – a desk job aboard Starbase Bravo. A series of other officers are all vying for or subject to reassignment, hoping for the best postings.
  • USS Resolute – As the Resolute returns to the Thomar Expanse, Captain Raan Mason directs the ship to visit the Volar, last visited by Starfleet decades prior. Meanwhile, engineer Dayne Bennett has a small issue with a replicator with a mind of its own and peculiar tastes in drinks.
  • USS Sojourner – We catch a glimpse of Sojourner’s post-Blood Dilithium recovery, with the crew enjoying some much-needed R&R at the Markonian Outpost.
  • USS Atlantis – Nearly three decades after the USS Motu Maha, the Atlantis picks up her aborted route to make first contact with a far-flung star system. On the way there, a promotion for a crewmember precedes a first contact mission she recommended. But, things might be taking an unexpected turn for the familiar…

Task Force Recognition



  • Kr’Antren – Commander
  • Josh Dutton – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade
  • Jason – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade


As always I’m proud of Task Force 47! We’re going strong as always, with a committed number of writers. Blood Dilithium was a fantastic campaign for us and I’ve got high hopes for our Priority Mission!