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Task Force 38, signing out

November 7, 2020

As per my last announcement, there was some decision making going on with Task Force 38 and its future. As the post title suggests, the decision was made to finish the chapter on Task Force 38. But as the announcement image suggests, that isn’t the end! There was a lot of boring logistical and stats analysis done on TF38, mixed with our new canon and lore realities (look for more on that coming very, very soon!), that made it untenable to really keep open 38 as it was the Delta Quadrant task force and inextricably linked to only Voyager canon. However, Christopher made a really strong and persuasive argument to keep the idea of Task Force 38 alive. Because of his passionate arguments, it has been decided that Task Force 38 will be shifted to be the new Task Force 17.

Because he argued so passionately for it, the BFA has also confirmed Christopher to be the new TFCO of TF17. As in his proposal, TF17 will deal with deep space operations which includes deep space, long-range exploration, oftentimes with little to no support harkening back to the 5-year missions of the Constitution-class starships. This will also incidentally include, by definition, much of the Delta Quadrant and even the Gamma Quadrant, but in no way will be limited to those places!

Members who were in TF38 will be laterally shifted to TF17; if you are in the new TF17 and would like to find a home in another task force, please feel free to fill out a transfer request and the OCS will be able to get you moved! Look for these changes to take effect on BFMS sometime tonight.