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Stormbreaker: Week 1 Fiction Update

February 12, 2022

I’m delighted to show that the Stormbreaker Campaign is off to a rip-roaring start – much like the Century Storm tearing its way through the Paulson Nebula, threatening the lives of millions. To help people keep up with the many stories being told, the Lore Office, ably assisted by TF staff, will yet again provide week-by-week updates as the tales unfold. So without further ado, let us dive into Week 1 of Stormbreaker!

Week 1 (5th – 11th February)

Bravo Fleet Command

USS Endeavour

The chaos of the Century Storm gives the USS Endeavour two missions: to proceed to the resort world of Whixby and secure it as a temporary refugee hub, and to find the missing USS Odysseus. Both tasks come with a personal edge, with staff of the Odysseus known to Endeavour’s crew and Whixby administered by Chief Operations Officer Thawn’s distant family. The planet’s leadership accepts Starfleet’s help with relief and shielding operations, but make it plain they have no interest in housing refugees. Worse, Administrator Nyder gives grim news: in closing a rift that threatened Whixby, the USS Odysseus has been destroyed.

USS Arcturus

Beset by staffing problems, the Arcturus’s plight becomes worse when Captain Lancaster and Commander Alesser are directed to report to Starbase Four, leaving the ship under the command of Chief Engineer Captain Okusanya on her mission: report to Sentinel Major in the Paulson Nebula, and upgrade its sensor array to better predict the phenomena besetting the region. While the Arcturus works hard to shore up the protections of Sentinel Major before conditions can worsen, Lancaster and Alesser’s journey is cut short when their shuttle is hit by an ion storm, and forced to crash-land on an ocean world.

USS Odyssey

The Odyssey is dispatched into the Paulson Nebula to manage as many of the subspace rifts as possible, closing multiple over a matter of days. But the crew remains on edge after their experiences in the Delta Quadrant, and not least because of Commander Reyas’s separate rescue mission elsewhere in the nebula. Such personal issues become the least of the Odyssey’s problems, however, when the ship is caught in the volatile effects of the subspace phenomena, and Chief Engineer Hunsen is forced to eject the warp core only moments before he is incapacitated by the damage racking the ship.

Task Force 17

USS Atlantis

While breaking in their newly repaired warp engines the Atlantis is retasked in the wake of events to the Port Arthur system and the dual colonies of Stormlea and Highcroft to assist in setting up defenses for an encroaching ion storm. While Mac coordinates on Stormlea and reconnects with an old friend, Tikva visits the quieter Highcroft only to discover that a dissident movement has had enough and is taking his opportunity to make themselves heard and get their plight out to the galaxy at large, even if they have to take a Starfleet captain as hostage to do so.

USS Fearless

Having been crippled while pursuing the Unsung Seven, Fearless receives the same comms as the majority of ships in the vicinity of the Paulson Nebula have been getting. With the trail of the Unsung Seven cold for now and with a ship suffering numerous problems, Captain Langston orders resources devoted to communications to sort out the incoming distress calls in order to best triage the situation and where Fearless might best devote itself.

USS Neptune

On the world of Uneta Prime, displayed Roman soldiers under the command of Secundus Aquila seek to take command of starships of their own after having quelled the planet, in order to expand and conquer in the glory of Rome! Meanwhile a brewing rebellion in the ranks is brutally put in place by Aquila’s chief enforcer.

As for the former crew of the USS Tesla, they find themselves settling into their new assignment, the much larger and roomier USS Neptune. Before they can get too comfortable however, they receive calls to make way to Uneta Prime in order to assist the world in any preparations to weather the storm coming their way.

SS Vondem Rose

With the Century Storm approaching and Starfleet rallying, the Last Pirate King, a legend in his day and now a recluse with his own hideaway, has invited the less reputable members of society to safe harbour at Royal Station. With such an open invitation, Captain Sidda and the crew of the Vondem Rose naturally made themselves at home all while plotting to steal something big for semi-altruistic reasons.

Task Force 72

USS Horizon

The Horizon sets out on her maiden voyage with a mission to evacuate the general population of the Yridian home world. Captain Hess informs her crew that things will be inconvenient for a while, but will not jeopardize security due to the Yridian’s reputation.

Task Force 86

USS Challenger

Returning from the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Challenger is en route to Starbase 86 when Captain Thomas Forrester receives an urgent communique from Commodore Vega. Contact has been lost with the Coltar IV colony, and it’s up to the Challenger to investigate. Having grown up on this hardworking agricultural colony, Forrester’s thoughts immediately turn to his family’s safety. After a senior staff briefing, Forrester’s best friend Alexander Mitchell implores the Captain to seize this opportunity to reconnect with his estranged father. Upon the Challenger’s arrival, scans indicate that a subspace rift has opened near the planet, flooding the atmosphere with tachyons. As a result, during the sixteen hours taken by the Challenger to reach Coltar IV, two months have passed for the colonists.

USS Denver/USS Zebulon Pike

25 years after the USS Denver’s involvement in the Dominion war, Commander Ethan Talon lands Aerie-class USS Zebulon Pike at the Capitol City Spaceport on planet Terra Alpha. Later, while tending to his horses on the Rafter T Ranch in the planet’s Central Mountain Region, Ethan receives word from Commander Trinity Morris-Talon that the Zebulon Pike is being recalled to Starbase 86 for an emergency briefing with Captain Erill’Yun Mek. Back in Capitol City, while relaxing in her apartment Lieutenant Aimee Sandoval learns of the Century Storm in the Paulson Nebula from a planetary news report. Meanwhile in the Cascadian Forests of Terra Alpha, Audren Swiftblade of the Narlin people returns to her home settlement of Astor’mret. Here, Audren meets with the High Priestess, explaining her wish to remain on the crew of the Zebulon Pike. The Priestess encourages her to join Starfleet, but warns Audren of an approaching storm and the danger it brings.

Task Force 93

USS Saratoga

The Saratoga makes for Starbase Bravo prior to departing for the Paulson Nebula with the USS Oneida as an escort. The crew makes preparations to evacuate a population, and all the follow up care they will no doubt have to provide.

USS Avenger

The Avenger returns to the Devron Fleet Yards, only to be guided to a drydock with no hint as to why they are undergoing emergency refits.

USS da Vinci

Cmdr. Braxton is asked to take command of the USS da Vinci, though the purpose behind the offer and the mission she is being asked to undertake remain unclear.

USS Centaur

The Centaur has left the Devron Fleet Yards with a task to close a subspace rift in hopes to help quell the storm. But before they could begin to close it, something emerged from the rift? Now they are forced to figure out what it is, what is going on onboard and to return it where it came from before they can close that rift. What happens remains to be seen.

USS Hydra

The Hydra has been dispatched to a colony that had gone dark during the beginnings of the Century Storm, suspected to have succumbed to some manner of opportunistic attack. They crew arrives to learn that it was the storm itself that caused the comms blackout and that it may not be finished with the colony.


This week:

  • Ships from the Fourth Fleet are directed into the Paulson Nebula, beset by the Century Storm
  • Multiple subspace rifts are detected and encountered, their effects volatile and dangerous
  • Many worlds face serious danger and loss of life if their people are not evacuated or protected