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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Challenger: You Can’t Go Home Again

The Challenger is sent to find out why contact has been lost with the Coltar IV colony

Mission Description

The small agricultural colony of Coltar IV lies inside the Paulson Nebula. Twenty six years ago, Thomas Forrester defied the orders of his father and left his home on Coltar to pursue a career in Starfleet and his dream of commanding a starship.

When contact is lost with the Coltar IV colony, the Challenger is dispatched to investigate and Captain Forrester must come face to face with the life he’d left behind more than a quarter of a century ago.

About the Mission

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20 March 2022

Tomorrow Isn't Promised

USS Challenger: You Can't Go Home Again

“Any sign of him?” Tom asked after bursting into his mother’s kitchen. He’d made it to the farm in record time and found his mother kneading dough. This had always been her way of coping when she was worried about something and it brought him a moment’s delight amidst everything. His [...]

18 March 2022


USS Challenger: You Can't Go Home Again

“Data burst sent.” Nexani announced. The message in question had been to inform the captain that the Challenger was ready to begin closing the subspace rift. From behind her, Commander Kailir’s voice gave the order. “Activate the antigraviton beam.” Within seconds an emerald green [...]

11 March 2022


USS Challenger: You Can't Go Home Again

“Two and a half days behind.” Mitchell mused. “Even with that delay, we’ll still have about six or seven weeks between project completion and the ion storm hitting.” The Challenger’s engineers had been on Coltar for just over a week. While one team worked on construction of [...]

4 March 2022


USS Challenger: You Can't Go Home Again

Commander Bennett lifted the steaming cup of tea from the replicator. She’d never been much of a tea drinker but since breakfast, Bennett had worked her way through four mugs of raktajino. If she continued at that rate, she wouldn’t sleep for days. The tea was a herbal blend that Captain [...]