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Stormbreaker : Task Force 17

February 6, 2022

“Priority message coming in from Starfleet Command ma’am,” Lieutenant Woodrow’s voice came from the well-hidden speakers in the ready room.

“Put it through James,” she commanded and waited for her computer screen to flick from the reports she had been reading to whatever missive it was that Starfleet felt compelled to send towards one Captain Alexandria Sudari-Kravchik.

While priority in nature, its impact on her task force was minimal. A series of ion storms emanating from the Paulson Nebula was admittedly a serious threat to those colonies in the region, but there wasn’t much that Task Force 17’s Delta or Gamma Quadrant assigned vessels could do straight away.

Notifications attached informed of ships in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant close enough to assist being retasked by the Admiralty to assist and she could not argue with that in the least. She would have insisted if they had not done so already. More notifications, an FNN news clip attached, Starfleet’s initial assessments – it was all there for either herself or someone more inclined to read over.

“Lieutenant Commander Juwarti to my ready room please,” she commanded, letting the computer route the message appropriately and was rewarded five minutes later when the young man entered her ready room, alongside Commander Jezgo who she had asked to attend as well.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” she started, with a turn of her computer screen. “Starfleet Command has advised of a serious natural phenomenon taking place near the Paulson Nebula back home. A series of ion storms have been emerging from the nebula and threatening nearby colonies. Now I know we can not assist, but did we not pass an ion storm a few days ago?”

“Ion storm nursery even ma’am,” Juwarti started. “Natural birthing ground thanks to star forming clouds, young stars and an interesting interaction with immensely large-scale magnetic fields, like galactic scale fields.”

“Excellent. While we cannot directly assist, I would like to turn Nobel around and return to that region at best possible speed. We will undertake survey work and send all findings back to Starfleet. While I am sure there are plenty of records of such on file, more data cannot hurt the existing models. Perhaps we will find something they can use back home since this is a spawning ground for local storms.”

“I’ll start plotting out how best to deploy probes and make use of our sensors Maybe even include the runabouts?” Juwarti asked, nodding in reply with she nodded in the affirmative.

“I’ll turn us around. Warp seven should do,” Jezgo said.

“Excellent, you are dismissed gentlemen.”

With the two gone, she stood and stepped over to her own window on the void of space, the stars quickly sliding around as the ship spun about then stretched as Nobel went once more to warp speed.

“Computer, begin a message back to Starfleet Command…”

Stormbreaker Campaign

It’s an absolute pleasure to be running the first round of competitions for the Stormbreaker Campaign! We’ve got a few comps here to get things started! And a few shoutouts as well!

We’ve themed our competitions to fit the tone of the Stormbreaker Campaign and we hope they help to inspire folks!


We know this is what people want to see out of us and we’re proud to present them! Get in there folks and have some fun! We’re hopeful we’ve created some interesting challenges!

Task Force 17

Going to take this opportunity as well to just give a few shoutouts for Task Force 17 that are well deserved!

Bane Plase – Making Lieutenant Commander! Nicely done and keep it rolling mate! Bane is actively bringing the Cygnus into BFMS and that means we all get more regular updates on the content they’re making! So nice to see!

Lyran – Making Ensign! Nice going! We’ll get you up the ranks in no time at this rate!

Darth – Just being useful mate! Thanks so much! And running the TNG quiz competition! That hurt my brain at times!

And while not TF17 specific, we over in TF17 would like to thank all those that participated in the TF17 TNG quiz and I’ve been told we’ll have more of those for you in the future so keep your eyes open folks!