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The Stormbreaker Campaign Briefing

January 22, 2022

In two weeks’ time, on February 5th, the first Bravo Fleet campaign of 2022 will begin: Stormbreaker. When a once-in-a-century ion storm threatens the Paulson Nebula, countless lives are at risk. It’s down to the Fourth Fleet to respond.

The Century Storm is coming.

But don’t just take my short words for it, or even my Deputy’s tantalising starting story! I could hardly expect you all to prepare for a 6-week bout of writing without some notice of what’s lined up, some idea of what to plan for, what to get excited for. So today I am happy to release the Mission briefing for Stormbreaker, outlining the premise of the campaign and all the information you need to know to get started the moment the mission opens in two weeks. If you have follow-up questions, by all means throw them to the Lore Office, but the point of the campaign is to give you space to tell your own stories, build your own narratives within this framework.

Do you want the Century Storm to do something outlandish in just one region? Go for it! Do you have a cool idea of some mysterious faction getting involved on one planet? Write it! Thinking of some wacky time-space shenanigans with one of the subspace rifts? Do it! This briefing gives the guidelines to bind all tales, but in the local space of your own stories, Member Canon is king.

Writers on Starbase Bravo should also note that the campaign will reach their doors. Whether they’re venturing into the storm itself, or simply dealing with all the consequences of being the gateway to chaos, everyone going into and coming out of the Paulson Nebula will be making their way to Bravo. Get ready.

In two weeks, it begins.